Monday, July 16, 2007

I invented the Pegasus.There is this supposedly metrosexual magazine which showed a new type of crew hair-cut that has been called Pegasus.I invented the Pegasus,way back when people never even knew what WTF meant.This is so not fair.I finally invent something and now strangers are taking advantage of it.Oh well,well.I was anyway suited to do better things in being famous,opening up casinos,having my own beer and wine company,cruising along the Mediterranean,get rich so I can tell other people to "fuck off",blah-blah-blah.

I had this dream last day.I rarely have nightmares.But whaiteevaa!.It was pretty strange to meet the Devil in my dream.He did not resemble the usual beast-looking,red-skinned,double horned and forked tail Devil.In fact,he looked as cool as God himself.All dressed up in an Armani suit,I believe,and as suave as Mr.Bond.When he put me into the trance of experiencing evilness,I distinctly remember asking him.
Me:How come you exist....
Him:What do you mean,I exist,I'm just a fucking dream!!
M:Oh bugger,I didnt mean that.I meant how come you exist in this world.
H:I exist in you.
M:Dont you fuckin try mindgames on me,ok!If you are trying to psyche me out or antagonize me,you are sure doing a lousy job.
H:Ok,you humans believe in God.Thats why I exist.
He filled up a syringe with some fluid.And he punched it into me.I didnt even feel a thing.All I saw were colours.Bright vivid dazzling colours.

Ok,so what I'm wierd,a bit abnormal,a big haraam-jada and a bigger 'ch*tiya'.I'm still cooler than most of the usual people.And I'm a great singer when I'm drunk.Now how many of the other guys can do that,huh...huh,huh,huh....!!!!

PS:Babyboy's snapped and is on the run.Be careful.


dreamy said...

I dint get the [ps] part.But the post was bhishon funny.I can relate.You know I invented a game.Err.yea, called "chicklets"..its like an outdoor chor-police, I swear I invented it.But that was before I came to Calcutta and realized that people already know about the game, I mean its wierd.Ya.But chicklets and Pegasus are completely different things, but anyway.:D

coffee stain said...

"In fact,he looked as cool as God himself" true i got a theory that they are "in on it 2gthr".... theory pore bojhabo......babyboy.....shud i get....or let pass
and cheer up

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said... know..shit happens...btw..chicklets is also a chewing gum i think...(??)..{PS}'ta rishi bujheche...i think...and Pegasus was a hairstyle made famous by me in the early 2000's

@rishi....Rishi,my love,I totally agree,they are in it togethaa...amake baad diyeche..amake..??!!..the younger bro of God...ami puro cheered up...nevaa been betta actually...[:P]

archetype said...

Colors.. too vivid really. break 'em down ..

Aar tor I-Pod kobe jhepe dilo be? and I wasn't even around!!!! Sheesh!! ;)

onnesha said...

"In fact,he looked as cool as God himself."
and how does The God look?dressed up in armani.oh come come!he aint that sauve and fashion conscious.

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@archetype..sala,rubbing salt onto my wounds,are u,u bitch!!!!

@onnesha...ummm...Bruce Almighty movie'te Morgan Freeman types!!!! :-D..i wouldnt mind a God like that!!..He could do with some fashion sense instead of dressing up in rags everytime!!!

onnesha said...

think of this.if God was so conscious dressing himself up,this world would have been unprecedentedly miserable.

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

So u like God naked,is it???... :-P
But this world is miserable anyway,so He could do with some designer wear...:-P