Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ah! the last day.....

Its 'THE' 31st night....and what! supposed to party and drink till i drop or with babes with lotsa meat...take some acid....have a glass of champagne,just for the sake of it....get high on life and (ill)legal drugs....But you know what im doing rite writing this blog(part drunk and part stoned). ok!, i dont mean to be a self cribbing evil bastard,but someone has to stop.Instead i spent this day at rishi's place.Boozed a bit.Got stoned even more.I guess that was the best way i could have ended my year.Felt good!Felt real damn good.I guess every bad year should have an ending as sweet as this.:)
Ha!.And cause my 31st party got cancelled but it does every year,so that shouldnt bother me much too.Its been a really sucked up year.College finished...and leaving the SMIT hostel was one of the hardest things ive had to cope up with....and and...welll,i joined my new Infosys job and im supposed to be proud of it....and other non-mentionable things happened too.Bottomline yes!,the year sucked...probably a bit too much.But i met many old friends too...and found new ones...caught on with some of the really old friends with whom i had no contact till then.... and im happy for all of them...happy for the life they lead...for the way they are.... especially some of them....i envy them for they way they live....but im glad for them.... :)
I love rishi's joints and sniffing up some coke.At least they make me much more(thats 4 m's in one straight sequence :P) happy and un-fake.


Say Ohaiye!!! Happy New Year!...
(yaa whatever!heehee!)

Saturday, December 30, 2006

31st December,2006

Dear diary,
I dreamt about a girl today.Liked it.I never really wanted it to end.For once i want my dream to come true(sometime in my life!).Im confused.

Love XXX,

yet another year passes by.Too fast.Am i happy?Am i sad?Am i better off?Am i concerned?
People say .."..u should rite down ur objectives before the year starts ...."....and i switch on the TV...lay down on the bed and watch some old primetime movie.Thats how my year ends every year.People have a notion i party and club a lot.But you know what...No parties for me.Just the good old me and my sleep,like any other day.Now thats why people call me boring!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Oh! Calcutta!

Born by the Ring

They called it was ...and boring!

The darkness overshadows all....issgood!

Road to freedom

I generally work on nights like this.....1000 miles away.....

Anyone hungry( tee-hee-hee)!!!

My secret window view!
If only my lines could write my fate,i would have been dead by now!

I love Calcutta. The more i stay away from it....the more attached i become.....its only after we stay outta this city that we actually realize how beautiful a city it is.People can call it whatever they want....Yes!it is dirty and messed up.Yes!We do have countless number of strikes.Yes!the pollution level is really high.Yes!The government probably sucks.Yes!The weather sucks too and probably the next-door neighbour stinks too.But ................................... the maacher bazaar, the un-hygenic fuchka with a mouth-watering tingly taste, the roshogollas ,the park street,the ol' shyamol'da in some bookstore in college street, the biye baari and the panjaabi,a slow-tram-ride for the non-rushers............................

I was walking back home,when through the corner of my eye i saw someone staring at me.It was one of my para-rickshawalla's who used to take me to my kintergarden.I smiled at him.He smiled at me back.
It feels great to be recognised by someone ordinary,it felt great to be back.