Sunday, August 13, 2006

Our Indian 'Role Models'

well,its sunday morning and i dont genrally post on sunday mornings.Came across a article in the Telegraph newspaper which i want to copy-paste.Its a bit sarcastic, but very true.Its time we set examples for ourselves instead of looking up at our 'role models'...

Let’s break free
It’s not their fault. We put them there. But we don’t need no role models. We don’t need no thought control. On the eve of our 59th Independence Day, Metro takes a pledge to walk past yesterday’s wall of fame.

Long years ago, at the stroke of a midnight hour, Jawaharlal Nehru had promised that India would awake to life and freedom. The time has come again to redeem our pledge, to step out from the old to the new.

This Independence Day, we want freedom from our current role models. For too long have they been controlling our destinies. Our tryst with them is over. The nation is bored.
Not everyone needs to be overthrown. Some are true guiding lights for the nation, even if there are too many strobe lights. But how everyone will just go on and on about them. Some others need to go because they are not supposed to be there. The rest are just plain tiring.
Here’s why. (And we are only talking about the living.)

N.R. Narayana Murthy,Sir Infosys
He put India on the global IT map, generated thousands of jobs, made a huge number of millionaires out of his employees. He embodies corporate social responsibility.
But does that mean we have to suffer the purple prose that he inspires? This is a homage paid to him on the Net. Narayana Murthy is “not just Karnataka’s jewel, but India’s pride”, it says. “He is known not just for building the biggest IT empire in India, but also for his simplicity... Almost every important dignitary visits Infosys campus. The beauty about his family is that they believe in sharing their wealth with the needy.” It’s the tone we object to.
If there is no one to challenge him in achievement, stature and respectability soon, middle-class parents will run out of adjectives — and dreams. (Ok, there’s Amartya Sen, too; we are coming to him, but he lives abroad mainly.) Murthy could also help us by saying something exciting, if only once a year.

Anil Ambani,Reliance (Jr)
For some reason, he was elected the MTV youth icon in 2003. He features in other surveys of role models of the Indian youth, too. Though only what elder brother Mukesh has said has made sense of late, like calls and SMS on Reliance phone will cost 19 p per minute and 25 p respectively. It was Mukesh, again, who was seen with chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee.
There can be only two reasons behind Anil being a youth icon — he takes part in the Mumbai marathon every year wearing a headband and is the best buddy of the man next on our hit list.

Amitabh Bachchan,superstar
If we had ever known that the angry young man would turn into such a humble old man, we would have told him the secret of eternal youth.
Amitabh Bachchan should stop being modest. He is the greatest. He knows so. So instead of repeating
a) “What I am today is because of your love and respect”;
b) “Beggars cannot be choosers... So I take what (role) comes my way and do my best”;
c) “I am an ordinary person”,
he should just look as haughty as he should — and that he sure can — and read Mohammad Ali’s biography.

Sachin Tendulkar,cricketer
Highlights of Sachin’s career, quoting from memory — highest number of Test centuries (35); fastest to score 10,000 runs in Test history; most runs (14,146) in ODIs; most centuries (39) in ODIs
And: most centuries (39) in ODIs; most runs (14,146) in ODIs; fastest to score 10,000 runs in Test history; highest number of Test centuries (35).
See, we know it backwards. He is also the cricketer who made the most money out of ads. He has already inspired an adequate number of generations. He did not want to pay the custom’s duty on a foreign car gifted to him. He should retire.
As a farewell gesture, we will not get into the debate of whether he plays for the country — or for himself. And one more time someone begins his profile with “Born in Mumbai into a middle-class Brahmin family…”, marks will be deducted.

Shah Rukh Khan,hero
He is 40. What has he really contributed to the nation except Fauji and Swades, Karan Johar and a stutter that starts with a K?

Aishwarya Rai, beauty
Her stints as beauty queen, as Nandini, as Binodini — and as the international face of Bollywood — are over.

Manmohan Singh, PM
The 14th Prime Minister of India is considered to be the man who restructured the Indian economy in the 90s. He is gentle, unassuming, polite and highly respected. He is the most educated PM in Indian history. So when he became PM, the middle classes heaved a sigh of relief. But as Prime Minister, he has never allowed his voice to be heard. Never over the Congress president’s Italian-accented Hindi.
Recommended reading:
Assert Yourself: Simple Steps to Getting What You Want by Gael Lindenfield (to master the art of meeting Sonia Gandhi)
Build Your Confidence Day by Day by Gael Lindenfield (to attend a joint news conference with Sonia Gandhi)
Self Esteem: Simple Steps to Develop Self-reliance and Perseverance by Gael Lindenfield (to deal with Congress ministers who bypass him and meet Sonia Gandhi)
Emotional Confidence: Simple Steps to Managing Your Feelings by Gael Lindenfield (to deal with Natwar Singh)
Managing Anger: Simple Steps to Dealing with Frustration and Threat by Gael Lindenfield (to deal with Prakash Karat)
A Woman in Your Own Right by Anne Dickson (to understand Sonia Gandhi).

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, President
We the people have had enough of his life, poetry and views. In the short poem ‘Rakhi Day is Righteous Day’, he says: “This full moon day our hearts are in brim/ Feeling of faith and serenity in mind/ We light the lamps and our hearts glow/ Radiance of happiness and peace are in flow/ Harmonious homes are like streams of joy... Righteous homes alone make a beautiful State….” He has said: “I will not be presumptuous enough to say that my life can be a role model for anybody; but it could perhaps help some poor children living in an obscure place in an underprivileged social setting liberate themselves from the bondage of their illusory backwardness and hopelessness...”
But is any poor child listening?

Medha Patkar, protest leader
Since the Eighties, she has spearheaded the Narmada Bachao Andolan. Her fasts don’t work any more; we need new forms of resistance — and we are not talking about celeb ‘guest appearances’ here.

Amartya Sen,Mr Nobel
We need to listen to everything that he has to say about everything. But there should be a ban on more Bengalis naming their children after him.

Footnote: Sourav Ganguly stays on because of the fear of a Bong backlash post-‘comeback’, and Sania Mirza because she is too young — and the only one to sport a nose ring.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Am Stuck!

I have made the one of the biggest mistakes of my life.I dunno why i
did it.But i guess it needed to be done.To get my life straight.For
my conscience.

5 friends.Oly pub.Holy pub.4 pegs of whisky and rounds of beer.Kinda
high.Pretty drunk.cigarette sticks.Navy Cut.Ashes and the soda.
Some date in August,2005,Kolkata,WB.

We all had a nice time.Discussing what had happened durin our college
days and what we missed out on.But we never regretted.Even if we
did,we said it with a smile.I did regret.But not much.After all,I had
a group of friends,cheap alcohol,quality weed,subjects to
study,aweful teachers,occasional weekend outings,loads of fun
,college politics,innumerable night-outs and a beautiful campus.I had
the best college life I cud ask for.But was i HAPPY.or SAD!

The only supernatural experience i ever had was with a black magician
who claimed he could do anything he wanted.i WAS were my
other 2 friends.It seemed normal.But the atmosphere was so eerie.As
if a creepy crawler was climbing along our spinal cord and tryin to
make its way to the brain and turn us into immortal zombies.And then
the salt.The first night we were drunk.Drunk as a sponge or maybe as
a fish.We didnt know what.The second night was EVENTFUL.A whiff of
cold air and the ambience.But then realized it was our mind ..playin
games.We liked it.It was so much fun i visited the place for a second
time.A place of seclusion.Shhhh.....
Some date in november,2003,Aaritar,Sikkim.

Today i got drunk.Not drunk the usual way.I tried getting high but

Sumone tried to cheer me up yesterday.But somehow i was arrogant.I
thought about it the whole night.Felt good this morning.Thank
you.Thank you,Though i dunno how to.:)

Friday, August 11, 2006

.!. (O_O) .!.

Have u ever seen a ghost?.I have not.But y do we actually believe in
them.I thought ghosts existed in ghost stories.and now we have ghosts
in Tv soaps,in movies and even in reality shows.And i thought ghosts
actually shunned the entire human clan,and were only nocturnal
spirits,who were the most bored ,f*ckd up miserable people, only
taking the form of wierd shapes n sizes when they wanna scare
people.And they dont even get paid for that.People should start
employing ghosts.corporate ghost world.SpiritRobotics Inc.
And have ghost societies.BoneYArd Bros.

This is one useless blog,which ive written out of abosulte
boredom.Rite now,im the only one in my family who's not wet.I think
its the rain.It has created a cacophony of hackin coughs and
asthamatic sneezes in my house.And im the only one who seem to be
unpeturbed by that.And the 'jamini ray' picture above me is so much
meaningful suddenly.And my game-parlour-prized stuffed puppy is even
looking at me today.I watched Manoj Night Shymalan's "LAdy in the
Water" today.typical manoj movie.and now im talkin as if he was my
childhood friend.d'uhhhh!!!!

I thought everyone in this world had been born for a purpose.I still
dunno what it is.PRobably i will.Someday.Sometime.

But didnt someone once say "Surely life is supposed to have more
meaning than this?"
I guess this is not the right time to answer that!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A few years back....

Probably the faintest memory ive ever got is one where i see my great
grandmother have heart attack,while the elders in my family are
trying to comfort her. Mom said i was 4-5 months old then.And people
said its rare to remember things at such a young age.But i did.And i
even remember my great granny stare at my face admist all the chaos.i
distinctly remember her grey eyes staring at mine,as if saying,"we
are 2 different entities living on this about to end
mine...and you are about to start yours."

I started going to the nursery at 3.The teachers complained i couldnt
stay without my brother.I couldnt comprehend whether it was a bad or
a good thing.And i still dont.

Age 4.My brother had left nursery and had joined grade 1.By now i was
used to staying without my brother.One fine morning,when the birds
still chirped and leaves were green,i remember a certain Mrs Gupta(i
think or name changed due to memory lapse),vented her frustration on
a fellow student of mine.i looked in horror.A 4-yr old kid getting
brutally handled by a middle aged bitch cuz he couldnt answer what
3+3 was.i was too shaken to speak a word in the entire day.My parents
got worried.But whenever i wanted to speak,i mumbled.The next day
onwards,i had a stammer in my speech.

By the time i stepped into my 5th year,i had.....earned a reputation
of a quiet and angry kid,pissed on other's books,learnt to open up
things and then couldnt fix them,refused to recognize my aunt in
front of the principal,loved to play with round shaped objects and
learnt diplomacy faster than any other kid.I had 2 best friends in my
last year in the montessari.A guy named abhijeet and another Mr
Whose-name-i-cant-remember, who lived just opposite.There was another
marwari girl with round shaped specs,but i never used to hang around
with her much.

I finally started schooling at Don Bosco's at 6.Its a pretty big
school.I cried the on the first day itself.Not cuz i was leavin my
parents but because i thought i had brought the wrong books.Which i

It was my first annual sports day at school.I was taking part in this
'eat the chocolate and run' race.I loved chocolates then.I still do
now.I was given a free 5 star chocolate,which i was supposed to eat
and run.whoever ate it first,ran and reached the finishing line would
win.Arjun banerjee or Ryan Chang came first...i dnt remember
who.Debanuj Chakraborti was last.cuz i relished the chocolate and ate
it slowly.I was the laughin stock of the entire crowd there.But what
the f*ck i didnt care,who anyway cares about a gold plated medal at
age 7.I was clever enough to enjoy the choco bar.

Years rolled on.Time flew.Sometimes didnt.Pretty uneventful too.I got
my first He-man toy on my 7th birthday.I was awarded the 'good
conduct' certificate in my 1st and 2nd grades.I could run very fast.I
had friends with whom im still friends with.I was very very bad in
bengali.Not so good in english.and worse in hindi.Probably was good
in maths.But it never did help, cuz i remained a dork nevertheless.

People everywhere brag and whimper about the woes of their early
years.Im glad i didnt have any.I loved my childhood.

Some days back I heard 2 childhood friends talk about their good
times and their gang.I just heard on.Felt good.After all im just a stupid old f*ck who bore certain people with stupid conversations."shei,aar ki...." :)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

the last night!

I was watchin "Love actually" on Star movies.It was 2:45 am.The
previous day i drank quite a lot,enough to get me a hangover the next i slept that day as well.and now i was awake.I slept all
morning ,all afternoon.I felt like drinking more and go to sleep.but
Lady sleep was toying with me today.i felt like a naked gigolo.But
couldnt help it (he he).just when Hugh grant was hittin on his
secretary and another english actor was about to hump his girl,the
screen got .....'bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz'.....the fan stopped
rotating.A second of silence.oh F*ck!power cut! oh F*ck bloody
mosquitoes!i hope these mini vampires die of malaria!everyone in my
house was sound asleep,but me.Sheesh,why god why...why me,why
now!!!... gawd i so fuckin hate this time.i lighted up a cigarette
and went to the bathroom to smoke it.I started thinking.

Many days back.
I had recently got a job.So we were at this bar,drinking to my
glory.we were talking about how college life changed us.we were 6 of
us.Me,rishi,shibu,sap,angshuman and tapashree.just when a decent
amount of alcohol had been consumed,we started talkin about
relationships,my 'supposedly' innumerable flings with was
then tapashree told angshuman y didnt he get aritri(the love of his
life) here...and y dsnt he dsnt spend much time with her.We were
high,i guess pretty high to explain what had happened in the next
hour.anghuman lowered his face and started cryin like a
baby.taps(tapashree) felt guilty and started cryin too.i saw rishi
give a smirk and got himself another peg.the other were tryin to
pacify both.i looked around.i went to rishi...i told him how much ill
miss my friends,and i started cryin too.i cried for the first time in
4 years.and it felt good.real the time we left the
place.everyone had cried in litres,for reasons we still dont know
why.I felt it was the best maal party ever.But it made me realize how
much people still cared for me.I went home happy. Pause.

I dropped the ash.took a puff.smiled and started thinking again.

Some days back.
MY project seminar really went bad.I so wanted to hang the external
examiner and cut off his genitals.but i couldnt.i told
rishi,"dude,make me a joint"...i saw him gigglin for no reason.By the
end of that night,i barely could stand up.I realized how wasted i
was.Within an instant i knew my life sucked.Felt really guilty that
day.I called up Mr X and Ms Y.and both told me to 'F*ck off' in a
polite way cuz it was almost 1:30am.i felt alone.I still had so many
things to do.Go to disneyland.bungee famous.fall in love
and be successful.Earn in like charlie chaplin.and here
i was killing myself.The world finally turned into me and i slept
after that.Pause.

I was smoking the butt now.i was wonderin whether to throw the fag or
keep smoking.and i started thinkin.

Yesterday or the day before that.
Life is suckin drunk.quite a lot.but had a gala time at my
frnds place.saw one of my friends drunk for the first time.met
another after 6 years.had dinner after that.talked about the skool
stories for the umpteenth time.and laughed a lot.and then came back
home.and did nothing.ohh!.Pause!

yaaaaaaaaaay.Lights are on.finally.whew.n im done with my
smoking.time to sleep i guess.
i turned off the light.shut down the Tv which turned itself on
suddenly....dunno y....just lied down.and felt sleepy!

think.I woke and lookd at the cell phone.

1 Missed Call!

i smiled.'uffff,Ki Bitch!'

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

all in a day's work!

I woke up.It was morning.i searchd for a clock cdnt find one.I
realized the alarm had gone off.Sum1 said "tutai,im leavin.."..i
mumbled," please go to hell......".....i felt like sleepin more.I realized i
havent celebrated my b'day for 14 years.I heard the music of a snake
charmer outside.I blinked once,twice.
It was 10:30 am.

Why is it that whatever i do has a tragic end? Why can things ever
have an optimistic result for me? I feel like falling into endless
abyss even whn im not high! I feel like jason with a chainsaw.I feel like a teenager trapped in the body of a 30 yr old.

The world is round and i still dont believe it...

cute little puppies suddenly fights for meat!

Smoke and alcohol and sex are passe...blood turns me on!

Even mankind's greatest creation can be boring....

Why is our heart not intelligent......

Explain these................................???!!! cuz i couldn't!

Its really been almost a month since i posted last.didnt really feel
the urge to do so.Sumtimes just when i felt i wanted to blog,i
started to play some shit computer game.So, one fine evening our
family decides to go a hot-shot chinese place called mainland
china.the party??....cuz my uncles were in town and my cousin brother
was leavin his job to pursue a Phd. at uncle Sam's....ohh n by the
way ,he is the most sane among the lot.We had
noodles,rice,seafood,chicken,lamb...which i didnt knw was a chinese
cuisine..... i saw my dad and uncles blabber about CAB elections
after drinkin just 2 pegs...the women started discussing sarees and i
was my usual self....with a protesting 'u-gave-me-no-alcohol' face
...and sipping on sum mocktail which tasted like mirinda.About a
couple of kilometers away Indian Ocean was playin KAndisa in a five
star pub.I knew that.My friends were there too.I cudnt excuse myself
out of the party to go and hear their gig.So i hummed to myself...

"...............jaage naaaa...ohohohooooooo...................."

........ohhh and you should have seen my face....!!!!!

It was great to talk to her...........................!!!!strange but