Friday, April 03, 2009

That little buzz in the head.

Of stars and the shooting stars.Wishes and well-wishers.
Of ipods and XBox's.Even Wii's.And Iphones,Playstations.
Of Yawning Hippos,Moo'ing cows and Money-making-Monkeys.How they never stare into our eyes,but cats and dogs do.
Of the unimaginable world of dreams.Sleepwalking and sleeptalking and alter egos.
Of the quest to attain higher things.Being higher beings.Just getting high.And sleeping on a bench in the park.
Of fullstops,commas and question marks,which paints us all.The surprise and the laughter.The tears and comments.
Of politically motivated speeches and college lectures.The class bunking and the votes.The corruption and the leaders.
Of the wind.The one that blows.The one that doesnt.The one that brings good news.The one that kills.
Of the money.only the money.That is all.The money.Money is all.Evil,good,black,white,grey.Its money.The honest money.The corrupt money.Bills.Coins.Paper.Metal.Money for all that food,thoughts and all that we know of.Its money.Just the money.

Koto din?Aar koto din?Shob'i toh shesh.Ekhon baad de.Onek toh holo.Eibaar chol boshi aar purono din'er adda maari.Shaathe shudhu kintu chaa aar cigaretta'te laagbe.