Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Its nothing.Nothing,really.
Man,things have been a bore and boring.Its not even one of those phases in life where you realize you need to DO something,stand UP for something,believe IN something......
No,it aint all that.This part,as I call it,is the "looking blankly ahead"............
You know eyes wide open,cold breeze in the hair,voices going in and out and you still look into that something-forever with that same half-perfect expectations.
That same fuckin feeling.
When you know,things have changed,but you refuse to move on.Ground yourself to that point of time,where you actually felt you existed.But its all so different now.Everything somehow just about passes by.
Maybe,if the one on the right was on the left and the one on the left was on the middle..........

So I saw this dream......
Two persons who called themselves the God and the Devil,were talking.I was the third person.
God:I made the universe,the earth,the stars,moon,sun,people,animals,gave life and have created something beautiful..........
Devil:I get tattoo'ed on humans more than you........haha!!
God:Fuck you,infidel!!!!
Both start laughing loudly,and suddenly change into Al Pacino and Robert Di Niro,look at me and start shooting me.
I forget all that happens after that 'cuz Im dead.....duhhhhhh!!
I should stop watching too many gangster movies!!

Even Chumma,our pet pup,ran away to some Tamilian household!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Its not a really-bad feeling to be hated.

All this....
'Cause Im groovy..
And Im happy....
So Fuck you!
Dont bother me,or call me and dont call me sugar.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Snazzy clothes and flashy lights aint really everything.There is much shit around all these to actually give a shit to ...ummm....all these.
So,I'm an eat-shit entertainer.Not the Van Wilder type.But I'm an entertainer.Maybe,when drunk also.I tend to act like a kid and also like a clown.I talk stupid.I talk nonsense.Many of course mistake that for foolishness or dumb insulting caricature-ing.And then there are terms like immaturity and being jejune or whatever.Well,agreed.
Then there are those who wanna take advantage of the nice person,that I am.Well,fuck them.
And so,snazzy clothes and flashy lights aint everything.
I meet these certain people everyday,who I believe are disillusioned by the fact that the world revolves around them,their clothes and their lights.They also believe that giving some shit aint the same thing as giving some shit.
And I love their astonished-look faces every time I tell them I'm a brahmin.Their cringed faces when I tell them that I eat beef,drink,curse every-random-thing,sport a goatie (*hahaha*) ...blah blah.And of course,their disgusted faces,when I show them how lovely my middle finger is.
These people are either born ignorant or ignorant.

I kinda have reached a really confusing part of my life.
I'm having bad dreams and beautiful nightmares.I like and I dont like.I do this and fuck up that.
Something is wrong.Or someone.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

In Goa.
I spent my New Year moment pissing away all the booze in some makeshift toilet in an awesome shack party.
This comes a bit late,but Happy New Year,folks.