Friday, March 30, 2007



Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How Calvin influenced me!

To the one who asked me to blog yesterday.
2.30am.A cluster of dead-spring pupil leaves were being burnt on the roadside of the Bombay-Pune highway.The smoke which rose up created a mystic twirling cover on the road.And My pick-up Indica simply unbotheringly drove thorugh it.The smoke did blind me a bit but it somehow opened me to thinking about my life,and I havent yet stopped thinking about it yet.

Karma says every human has their fate pre-determined,pre-written in a pupil leaf which is preserved through the sands of time and which definitely depends on the deeds of the past life.But there are these finite number of fate-situations which means that the destinies of certain individuals clash and it even maintains that there is at least a single duplicate to everything an individual possess.Fingerprint. life-lines. Handwriting. Death-time. Birth-time. bruise-marks.even the DNA structure. IF this is true where does this leave us 'UNIQUE' people.Or being on the selfish note,where does this leave me.
I have no clue.As the people of Nahuroto put it "Nofuckinclue"

So if im supposed to be spaceman Spiff and go into the universe killing every l'il-big unearthly alien and searching for the eternal truth and how its linked to my fate,it would certainly open up a new oppurtunity to explore the mysticity related to my life.but alas!my pupil leaf is torn.Thats what the cards and my palm-lines tell me.So lets see,what would i do about my bli-baa-bhoo's.....
I can turn into a tattoo artist...use the l'il bit of the artistic skills i have... and especially since i loved the life of the guy-who-did-my-tattoo.Its tax-free.Small.Un-complicted.Interesting.Kinda prosperous.And settle down in Bombay or Calcutta or in Athens...perform body art on heavenly bodies.
And then when my artistic skills have been honed enough,i can just take over the role of cartoonist BIll Watterson and create calvin and hobbes on a dialy newspaper.Ive always been influenced by Calvin...its like the comic strip has always been my favorite before Simpsons,Southpark,Peanuts,Batool-de-great,Asterix or The Archies.He's just an year younger to me.But we think on the same wavelength.Thats what entreats me.Everything has a life in it.
He had Hobbes,I had Jack.
He had Susie,I had Reshmi.
He's gross,but so am i,i think.
Pestering childhood.Wierd Imagination.He's 5.Im 23.Sigh!
And when im done with my job of being a cartoonist,maybe i can turn into a pirate like Jack Sparrow and sail the high seas in the Caribbean.
Sometimes I wonder how much did Calvin and Hobbes inscribe into the figment of my imagination.And why?Why did Calvin ever create Spaceman Spiff?Why does he think all adults are alien?Why does he think evil-monsters reside under his bed?And is Hobbes is alter-ego?......I strikingly find similarity in Calvin's personality.
It absofuckinglutely sucks to be normal,cool and hep...for me being wierd,uncool and savvy is more fun!
But then,he's still 5,and im 23 and still growing.
The second sigh!

"...the child,Calvin,is both king and keeper of his own realm,and he can be very choosy about the company he keeps.Of course ,this exclusivity only provokes many gown-ups into trying to regain the serendity of youth for themselves,to,in effect retrieve the irretrievable.A desperate few do things that later land them in the Betty Ford Center.The rest of us,more sensibly,read Calvin and Hobbes "
- Garry Trudeau

But at the end of all....I still go to my IT industrialised office in my pick-up Indica...with my ipod in my ears.....wearing shades....and still looking at the sky...and wondering what shit i should give about my future....

Friday, March 23, 2007

just one change!!!

Why does love have to be all complicated and tough? Why cant it be like eating a pizza or going to sleep or going to the movies? Like I see the perfect Indian romantic movies and I wonder "is this what really happens"..cuz it doesnt.Never.These movies gross me out.And they still sell.
And families tend to have problems with everything.Different caste...class... race...color...creating dramas at home about relationships.I really wonder why people cant just "let it go.."

Everyone seems to be bothered about the love lives of a certain and all the blood which links them up.Like there are aunts in families...certain aunts....who tend to be involved and bitch about the life of every other next-generation family member and probably influence their parents.
"Ria,You shouldnt be going out with that guy,Ive heard he drinks".....
"Abhi,that girl is from a different caste,our family doesnt approve it"...
"Tina,that guy aint good in studies,and he's those Hippie-kind" ....
And then you have the parents.Ha!And im talking about families of guys who are like 20+ and pretty much able to get a grip on their lives.

Fuckin peeeeses me offf!!! I really write this with a certain kind-o-hatred since im tired of hearing every other friend of mine having a problem with their love-lives at home. I'm glad I dont have to deal with all this bullshit! Cuz i think my family knows pretty well about the reply they'll get from me if they EVER talk to me like that.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Just the Weekend fun!!!

All that we have accomplished......all that we have done..... all that we have heard..... all that we have seen ...... getting high on life.....getting high on whatever we see.... cuz we live together and our dreams!!!!

twenty-frikkin third!!!!

Yaay! I kinda liked my budday!!!!! and after a fucking long time too!!!Lots of unexpected people called me up the whole day!!!....but thanks guys!! really really!!!And damn i love surprises!!!....Lots of them ...lots and the office b'day's cake...Rahul's call from Montreal....Sandy's unexpected cake-splat...Venky and mine 3 am beer party....Rishi-sudi's b'day present.....Ritu's call even tho she had low balance,I think....Ashwin,Kuni and Biju's surprise visit from Chennai....damn!I love u guys!!!But the fact that im 23 is still pretty much blankly staring at my life now!!! Im twentyfuckingthree!!!!Ive done what normally most people do....but i aint happy,man!!!...I think and i think again what if the soothsayer's forecast was correct and i die by the time im 25!!!(Rishi and Sudi wud definitely go to hell)...damn! i got just 700 odd days!!! So what do i do?...I plan!

In any case i live beyond the age of 25 and defy cancer...the-accident-by-fate...or suicidal mid-life(??!!) crisis....and Miss Ab!Well....i'd probabaly get married at 30 a father by the time im 31-32...get divorced by 35....go for a trip to Europe and Africa at a casino-cheat in Vegas and elude the my own bar-chain by the time im 40...continue for 10 years...and donate everything to charity and take up sanyas in the Himalayas!!!..Easy huh!!!And they say planning is tough!!!...foooh!!Ohhh and im a lot into Karma nowadays...I wanted to write more.....but i like reading more nowadays....especially about people's personal mite be a bit voyeur-ish....but then i live my life through others....feels good...feels sooo darn good!!!!.....

Happy birthday again!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Ummm.... I met this poor family on the streets... the dad, the mom and their kid ... well , they
appeared to be poor. And yes , they were being shunned by most of the other by-passers...

I even gave them some money.. enough money,i think ...( no,i wasnt drunk, :-P ) ...i mean...I dunno if it was self-guilt or something..... but u know that inner voice...that gut feeling...which tells you.....

Oh well...i dunno if im going to the heavens as a good man..... but ill definitely go as a better one according to my conscience,i hope......

Friday, March 09, 2007

Aloha !

ohh well...first things first....!
There are like a million things i wanna do right now.I mean right at this moment.Like get
H.G.Wells Time machine and travel back or forward in time. Or probably just shave my head off and increase my beer belly so that i look cool (???!!)..... And then there's the eternal quest of
learning and knowing the purpose of my goddamn existance. But lets say 'nevermind' tothat!....Have u ever worked in a night shift?Well...some people say its cool...some say its
dangerous....some,like me,say "I dont care".I do care now!Like my mama nevaa said that " is like is box of chocolates..You nevaa know what u'r gonna get"...nor did a girl ever temme " You had me at hello" but i think i did say " show me the money " once.... but that doesnt make me a green paper-ed freak...yes!..everyone is crazy after money....i was too...until i realized that special thing.
Its not about how much money u get...its like how u get it....

You can either be a guy working in an multinational company....working his ass out actually....or
the CEO of a company busy with his meetings,conferances et al......earning in lakhs and
millions..and ultimately succumbing to the mid-life crisis and ending up buying that second hand Porche with half his life's money...


You can be George Clooney and mastermind Casino loots in Las Vegas....get chased by police and
then end up in Mexico...and live like a Baron Rothschild..and party in Rio every week....or sell
some guns and drugs and spend the life in a prison in solitary confinement...


You can just listen to your in some hotshot the Post Graduation from a firang university...get some scholarships and some certificates....get nominated for some
international award...earn some big bucks....and then get married and have kids.....


You can just end up like Debanuj Chakraborti with a meagre salary and crib about every second of your life...and still tell everyone "Life's my drug ...the world's my addiction"(???!!!)

(Ive always wanted to write this)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Random thoughts....

Everything seems dead!!!.... Everyfuckingthing!! And absofuckinglutely messed up too.Whats wrong with the world!!!

The high.....the love....the care....those l'il moments in parties or on the streets....the lights of festivals.... everything's fading out.....

The void in the space is increasing.... and i wonder whats gonna happen when it finally bursts.......

and screw u again,missy Ab!!! :(

ohh..and i wish ya all the best... :-) ...
80% Trusty <-------- :-(
90% Cool <--------- Ha! WTF!!!!
80% Sexy < --------- this tops it alll..... HAHAHAHA!!!!