Friday, May 29, 2009


When you lie and lie again,that lie becomes a truth,till you forget that once upon a time,it was actually a lie. - Anonymous

I have been so fuckin around with my job.I mean really fuckin around.And it feels so good.Heh heh.Recession times,I should be careful,people say.But I've never felt better.But damn,people have been having work issues all around.Do this.Do that.Not much money.Too much work.Till I heard,R's story.I thought that guy would be having a time of his life.Being the sailorman,that he is,romancing the high seas,visiting countries.Well,dream cut short.Ship gets stuck in the seas,often.He cribs.Sigh,don blame him much.But for us,the better ones,with paychecks.We have it all easy,I speak for meself though.Sit in plush AC offices,licking asses,but paid for it too.Ambitions forgotten,replaced by 'need more money' attitude.I like my mom.She believes in everything superstitious,which is good.Especially cuz i dont beleive in anything.Not even Communism.Or gravity.And then I see the brothers in my family.I supposed to feel insignificant.Undistinguished.Like a peanut,ready to be gobbled up.But heh,I dont.What do we all work towards? Whats next? Better living.Or towards what we really want to be one day. Or or, the future (???).Heh,and the hypocrits that we are,we are ready to sacrifice everything.Livin a lie,thats what they say.What I'm saying is meaningless. But ever been struck by a lightening and still be cool about it.Heh.

Today's Track: The Wrestler (OST) - Bruce Springsteen

Friday, May 08, 2009

Pigs in zombie world

A Zombie was walking down the zombie lane talking over the phone to someone.In Bengali.
*Yes,Zombies speak that language*
So,this zombie was walking the talking to fellow zombie about how he had an arguement with his wife and then had an accident.Which didnt kill him.
And he wanted advice from fellow zombie about how he can explain the biggie zombies about his situation.
Its a zombie fuckin world,I tellye.
Nuke it.

Heh.So,lots have been up.Heh.Im such a liar.
The weather's been up,basically.With it,the sun as well.And its not just in the sky.Tai basically blogging'o hochhilo na.
Work has been low,as well.And employees have been acting funnier.Bitching behind backs is at an all time high.The Company has been churning out more zombies and zombiastic methods to ensure,every zombie behaving like a human would be fired.Shot.Bang.
Not that it concerns me much.Wearing a zombie persona can be quite complicated for a human.Especially when the human tendencies just happen to splurge out.For example,while walking in a single file,you get an itch to scratch your junior.But you cant,cuz you are supposed to be a fuckin zombie and... zombies never scratch.Cuz they probably dont have the entire crotch region.Or maybe,cuz they are so fuckin dead inside,they hardly feel fucking itches.Just like that movie.Equilibrium.Sad it was only.
There are lots to do,on the lots-to-do list though.But I just gotta blame it on the sports season and the weather maybe.And the flu.Yes,I caught it.Let it go too.I think it was what it was.
Remember people,stay away from the sharks and the pigs.Cuz sharks come alive on plates.
And pigs dont fly.They flu.