Thursday, May 29, 2008

Well,Calcutta has been sweaty.I could rather do without the Carpe Diem phrase.

So there has been The Xrong's,which I loved absolutely.Its expensive but it has this Irish wooden pub look to it.Im thinking of making it my hangout,instead of Oly,which is,nowadays,smelling like that certain rotten Mallu hair-oil.
I loved Eden as well. the place is always so vibrant.I liked the little verbal brawl we had with some drunk Biharis,who were supporting the rival team. one of them looked like a smart-ass chinki and the other one,resembled one of my old college fucks.So its justified. R shouted like a lone bengali with improved hindi.But the big guy thought I was the don,and apologized.Dada was kick-ass with his Pak comrade.We were slightly drunk and Sreesanth got Fucked.I loved every moment of it.Even the chicken at the dhaba tasted good.
And then there was that bit of pot at Roy's place.With smokes and beer ,of course.Perfect good old times.Even watched Kahn play his farewell match.With Ms.Gums and CoffeeStain.Salt lake stadium was electrifying with drum-beats and MB flags around.I loved the way Gums described it on her blog.
"Yesterday, I went for the football match starring Oliver Kahn who got honoured by everyone who was anyone in Kolkata."
I wanted to also post about a bengali guy,I overheard in the bus and also about some of the football fan antics.But its late.
We had the mini blogmeet.Except that in a blogmeet,you see lots of new faces.Onn got late.CoffeeStain,Gums,Moolah and Dreamy met up.Dreamy dropped water on her pants.CoffeeStain burger looked like Vada-Pao.Moolah's pineapple juice tasted like fermented piss.Gums actually reasearched about the food at T3 and ordered French fries.For more pics,Gums blog again.

I have also been creating superheroes.I have a team of 3 now and we intend taking over the world.Vee.Cee.Dee.

Ive also been having beertalks.Im happy.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Dope Times

Now,what? You are saying it aint right,huh?
Yeh,of course,it aint friggin' right.I know,it aint love.
Well,I dunno if it is....maybe,you know.
Ha,if I dont know who will,eh...and I know it aint.
But I think its her,I really do.
But tell me something,of all people....her??
Well,she's cute,she gives me sweet fat pinches and she smells nice..
You're crazy,why not the other woman?
The first one?
Yeah.I remember her.
Im thinking career interests.Not mine,of course,duhhh!
Ya,she has plans,big plansI hear.I mean,money,being rich,,you know,I think.
Ya?? And what about "The plans"??
Just dont bother,I dont think I know.
Create a cult? Change the world?
I like that.
You know you are never gonna do that.
Ha!you are just being fuckin prejudiced.
No,I just know you are never gonna do that.
How do you know,what I can do.
Now now,remember,'John','Jack' and the wrong son who got killed?
What has that go to do with this?
Well,maybe you aint the wrong son.
Maybe you are way too fucked up.
So you are trying to get back.
No way.
Ha,I see anger.Revenge,I presume then.Revenge,best served cold,eh??
Fuck you,I think I need a cold shower.