Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Miiiiiiaaaaaaoooow!Miiiiiaaaaoww!!!...purr purr!!!!
Awww,come here litle kitty,come here.eikhane aaye,come to daddy.pchoo pchoo,come here.....
Miaaaaaaaaooooowwwwwwwww!!!! Miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooow!!!!!!!!

Come here,I say!!!!!


You bitch,u fuckin bitch....come here,come here you insolent little fuckin creature!!!!!

Miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooowwwwwwwww!!! miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoweeee!!!!!

*I take club,bat ,stick......and...*


*looking down at the pulp of the creature*
Hahahaha!!!,who's laughing now,motherfucker!!!HAHAHAHAHA!!!!Fuckin bitch!!!

To all the cat lovers(which includes me),PETA and animal activists fighting against domestic violence of animals.
This creature is not a cat.It aint even an animal nor a virtual representation of it.

This is craziness on pencil and paper.
This is 'people' trying to fill out whore-forms.
This is the clean drugfree life for the rich.
This is the grand orgy of genius intelligencia's screwing their lives up.
So go,indulge yourself.

Today's Track :Secondhand Serenade-Fall for you

Saturday, November 15, 2008

They denied me 20 grands.
But whats wrong in being a pessimist.
Everyone's not perfect.Everyone's not even close to being perfect.
There have been warps of complexities inside me for quite some time.
A sense of falling through the expectations and the ambitions.
So what,I think its all cool.Hahaha.It really is.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Some song played on the laptop.The wind flutters the curtain but yet,there's a strong sweaty smell in the air.
He sat down,with his back resting against the wall.Closely following every swirl of the cigarette smoke.
She was lying on the bed.Her hair open and in her grey tee and looking at him with fixed kajal laced eyes,smiling sexily.
He rested his face on the edge of the bed and started stroking her hair.
She continued looking at him with her fixed eyes.The song played.
"......and it takes me right back......"
Breaking the silence,she asked " So what takes you right back?"
He looked up,looked somewhere and said," Maybe you....."
She gave a long blink,smiled and blew a kiss.

"....maybe nothing."
He continued staring at the glistening steel of the knife on the table.

Exams are on.Finally.About time rather.
This is serious.Not funny,though it might just seem.
Blogger will be more frequently updated.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sometimes its really fun to watch people during exams.
I mean,when you aint solving a thing,all you can do is watch.Of course,if you've done a night out,just sleep. Its really fun.Personally speaking,I go all my way out,to spend the initial minutes checking out the problems and the questions.The next 10-15 minutes are spent in blankly staring at a particular question and thinking "What the fuck have I been doing?".Not realizing,of course,that the guy next to me has started zombie-mumbling his gibberish calculations.And then the other bespectacled guy starts scratching his hair,the invigilator plays the tabla on his desk,the ringing silence in your ears.Its all so extremely random.So....
.....so,I go all the way out.
Blank answer pages.Doodle filled roughwork.Chewed pencil ends.
The satisfaction of quitting was never so sweet.Much much more than being that guy in the coloured newspaper.

Today's Track: Open Car by Porcupine Tree