Tuesday, August 05, 2008

psst psst..Calling to earth for super vacation....teent-teent!

Ok,Im not a superhero running around with a red cape and super boots and not-so-sexy over-worn underwear.So people.I mean the people in general.Everyone around me.Yes,if you think its you,then it be you as well.As a marathi wud say "Thambaa" .Means stop.
The sounds are too loud.The truth is too fake.The hopes are too.The money is not so-happiness.The lights are too bright.And the silence is too silent.Stop expecting.Stop trying to be in control.Burn the thinking liscence.And all what you like.
Im on a whiny moodswing mood today.My neck hurts,and my chest pains.And I have kinda accepted that I have no life.I have also realized that it is pointless to dream and hope that you will do what you want.So I conjure up philosophies.philosophies pertaining to my life.And me only.
Its like Karma.You run around a tree at the speed of light and you can actually buttfuck yourself.
While still on this realization rant,I would probably waste the next decade of my life hoping and dreaming still.And then I would know who I am and sink back into reality.And there comes the predictability.
Its still Karma.You run around the same tree at three times the speed of light and you can actually watch youself buttfuck yourself.
If you run around faster,then you can turn into a Gen-X buttfucking buddha.But nevermind that.
It all seems pointless,aint it.
And right then you realize who you actually are.
You look into the mirror in front of a half baked glow bulb.And you look into it harder and then BAM!,it strikes you.The goosebumps,the twitching of the ears,the raised eyebrows,the half enthusiastic blurt of surprise.The prophecy and Hollywood was true after all.
Yes,with great powers comes great responsibilities.
With no powers comes hollowness and an empty bottle of booze.
Who am I?

Im Spiderman.

Ok,I need a break.This banter or the blog aint helping.Im taking a break.Not from the blog or the banter.But just a break.
psst,psst....still calling earth for a super vacation.respond respond,teent teent.