Friday, April 23, 2010

So,we lost the football match and the team which defeated us went on much ahead to win the trophy.Should have won,should have won,is what I kept telling myself. But its surprising,how often I keep telling that to myself,nowadays. Of course,I never win. Add the bad luck to it.And I end up not winning quite miserably. Anyways,so the game was quite a sensation back in the good. old jolly days,dominating picnic or late evening family talks.Its strange how quickly we lose kick of things as we suddenly grow old. We were promised a thousand thrills,remember? And we lost it all,just like that.
Years back,M had once told me how confident it felt to take on the world.Stand in front of it and charge.What he didn't tell me was that you always need a backup plan.Plan B.Or maybe a C. Most switch over to plan B and get away with it. With me,its too darn late for a second plan.

There I was like a glass of watermelon juice,standing.Staring.No,orange juice I am.'cuz I've always tried being sarcastic.
This is not a cheerful post.Please ignore.

This time.This time,Ill be making an honest effort to change my blog,write a bit more and bring up more cartoons.Hopefully this blog should move in sometime.Or it might just stay and gather dust,before I clean it up all again.