Thursday, July 31, 2008

And I kept drawing the lines with my pencil.
Darkening the dots sometimes.
I picked my face up to see scribbles of black marked lines and discreet doodles strewn across the white notebook.
I looked further up.
The grumpy maths teacher was explaining a problem.Putting down numbers on the board,while the chalk made screechy sounds which gave chills down the spine.
She had a despicable smile and thick glasses,which gave a hypnotic effect everytime you stared into her eyes.
I looked down at my drawing again.
A mesmerising spiral turbinating into the middle end of the page,creating a helix with another.birds and creatures from lands unknown,filled up the rest of the page,creating a vortex effect as if they have locked horns with eternia.I scribbled a bit more,carving a shape out of the million little dots adorning my doodle.The shape somewhat represented an ugly hybrid creation of the Vitruvian man and the Phoenix,entagled within the clutches of this life and the world.An ink drop.A symmetrical folding blot of purple freedom looming across the page,like the lurking dark world.
From the corner of my eye,I caught the hypnotic attention.
She took the paper,crumpled it and threw it in the direction of the bin.
I was asked an answer.
I was also asked the reason for my insolence.
Mute.Silence.That defeaning silence.And fifty other pairs of eyes watching you.
"Get out of my class,maybe the air outside can punish you"
I opened my mouth to speak out and apologize.
"Keep quiet,just get out!!"
I walked to the crumpled paper near the door,clutched it firmly and walked out.
Outside the class,I opened the folds of the paper.The drawing remained unchanged.

That day,the paper defined obscurity.
I,defined a rebellion.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What surprisingly amazes me is the way I have been able to cope up without the occasional weekend kickbacks for the past month.
It aint global warming or the carbon guilt,but the city is quite beginning to kick back in now,ermm,suck,that is.But then so does the parliament and the entire political scenario.So I dont really blame the city or the marathi extremists.Though it is kind of funny,how everything suddenly whirlwhiling suctions back into the full circle.
So anyway.
There has been a considerable change at the way I have started to look at things.
I call it the karma approach.
Do something till its fucked,and if its fucked,it will fuck you.
Thats what happens at office.The boss fuckes his boss,and the second boss realizing he is fucked,fucks back.I just watch the show,with those little pamphlets in hand,fanning myself.The entire office is like a big orgy-ic ritual.Sometimes I feel Im gay-crashing,though.I wear a mask to be the incognito,that I try to be.
At home,at a supermarket,in a prison,schools,training facilities,army.
Karma.Karma.Karma approach.
I need vacation.I desperately need a vacation.A non-home one.A beach with umbrellas and a bit of that sun,maybe.Sometimes,empty the leg types.
Things have been happy.Things have also been thumpy and red,blue,yellow,purple and green.
I just wish if I waved my hand in the air,it just would brush off the hair from someone's face,somewhere else.

Today's Track:Trains by Porcupine Tree

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ok, guys.
I would not say that i have been on a dreamless slumber.
And i aint even having a writers block cuz i aint much of a writer anyway.Its just that my internet is majorly down and im actually blogging from my phone.

Ive recently been engrossed in a dream.Its a dream im not willing to wake up from.Its a different happy psychedelia altogether.

Today's track: piano lessons by porcupine tree

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Oyster Boy finally got a bit of that justice.Im a wee bit happy for him.
But there is,suddenly,no more whistling of the breeze.
Instead there are just the dark grey clouds.
I wish.
I would never really want to be mindfucked again,even on the pretext of being mindfucked.