Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What surprisingly amazes me is the way I have been able to cope up without the occasional weekend kickbacks for the past month.
It aint global warming or the carbon guilt,but the city is quite beginning to kick back in now,ermm,suck,that is.But then so does the parliament and the entire political scenario.So I dont really blame the city or the marathi extremists.Though it is kind of funny,how everything suddenly whirlwhiling suctions back into the full circle.
So anyway.
There has been a considerable change at the way I have started to look at things.
I call it the karma approach.
Do something till its fucked,and if its fucked,it will fuck you.
Thats what happens at office.The boss fuckes his boss,and the second boss realizing he is fucked,fucks back.I just watch the show,with those little pamphlets in hand,fanning myself.The entire office is like a big orgy-ic ritual.Sometimes I feel Im gay-crashing,though.I wear a mask to be the incognito,that I try to be.
At home,at a supermarket,in a prison,schools,training facilities,army.
Karma.Karma.Karma approach.
I need vacation.I desperately need a vacation.A non-home one.A beach with umbrellas and a bit of that sun,maybe.Sometimes,empty the leg types.
Things have been happy.Things have also been thumpy and red,blue,yellow,purple and green.
I just wish if I waved my hand in the air,it just would brush off the hair from someone's face,somewhere else.

Today's Track:Trains by Porcupine Tree


dreamy said...

yaya, a non-home vacation!

i want one

coffee stain said...

dude you mind if i send my dids with you :D.... i need a home vacation man..stay at home and roll over vacation..... laydh sigh laydh.... aamake chere jash na :(

Poojo C. said...

You be bhery morantic in a mindfucking way... :P

Random Doodler said...

Awww...! :)
Come, lets go to Rajasthan. Or German Bakery.

~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ said...

@dreamy.....precisely,we all want!

@coffee stain...i wudnt mind a vacation at ur place though too!!

@poojo....ami morantic...gush-gush!!!

@gini....German Bakery first!!!!! And then off to rajasthan!!!!!!!!:-D

archetype said...

Goin to kerala in a few weeks. some new beach has popped up there.
(back in bangalore, feels fuckin great to be reunited with Mysore weed)

Aphrodite said...

@o keep ur karma going....evrything comes a full circle dude.. ;)

Macadamia The Nut said...

Love your 'karma approach'
I'll apply it to my daily life oh guruji

Anonymous said...

Life's getting quite psychedelic aint it...the winds often blow in the right direction :)