Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I just deleted my last post.I felt fake and unabsorbed.I rambled on like a meaningless human being.Nevuhhmind.
Ok,not much has been happening these days.Except that I've been getting weird goosebumps for unknown reasons.I'm not in love.I've also been spending my time smiling at myself for some wierd reason.No,I'm not in love,I think.
And also the fact that I have been having these aweful electric headaches for the past week.When booze,smokes never helps,Saridon always does.Its not only about being addicted.Its like a fuel which keeps you going on.I've also been putting on weight and a tummy,with which I've kind of fallen in love with.
I'm also paying too much asshole tax to everyone.Its too much bloo-blah about how big an asshole I am and not realizing it.Nevuhhmind again.
Yes,there's not much happening these days.Not much happening to blog about it.If any mudderfuckin miserable thinh happens to me,I'll certainly write about it.
Hahaahahaha!!Now go....

Monday, August 20, 2007

People around me fuckin' piss me off.Yes,they do.Man,I'm getting high on movies nowadays.
I remember sometime at this time,a year back,I changed.I changed almost everything about me.Something changed me the day I left Calcutta.Somethings do change,after all.Some people do change with them.
I changed the way I look at people.I changed the way I behave with them.Talk.Walk.Fake looks.Fake happiness.Miserable miserable me.I changed everything.I became dark green,blood red...and turned into a useless piece of shaite.
Never-fuckin-mind all that.
So,anyway,if you feel that you are in pain,maybe you should read this book.
If you feel miserable,watch this movie. Or this. And if you still do,you should drown yourself in some manhole.
Ohh,I've just completed a year in this corporate shaite-hole!Time flies.And so does my fuckin' age.
And yes,Check out my poll in case you are majorly bored.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Salman Rushdie,a Cormac McCarthy and "the Million Little Pieces" just cost me a grand.Money would solve most of my problems.As in more money.I remember asking my parents for money before going for trips,before this job.And how easily they gave it without any qualms.Now its more calculated.Check out the cheapest flights.Maybe take the train.Ac/Non-Ac??...And end up going in a 15-hr bus ride.Ive loved every single penny of my parent's money.It becomes really monotonous to earn,spend and realize that you can not live on your parent's money anymore.

Probably technology was the best and the worst thing that happened to this age.People around me are acting way too cool with hi-tech gadgets.Wii's,PSP's,iPods,N-series cellphones.
The Stone Age was the best.Flintstones prove it.You never had to spend any money to eat,drink....women were naked.....there were nightclubs on every mountain.....bars were free.....more women were naked.....There were spears and swords,which are way more cool than guns....Caves were real estates...women would be naked ,even in winters..... Hindus,Muslims,Christians and other blah-blah had sex without cutting off each other's genitals...the Chinese never gave a shit to birth control....and other bloo-bah-bloo.
I really wonder how the world would be if I went some million years back.....
Like people worshipping weird slimy aliens,whenever they popped from the sky....and then every other human behaved like Archimedis,everytime they produced a fire-fall with two stones,riding on Dinos instead of Monster Trucks and shouting Hee-haw!!!...no wait,Dinos never existed then.Ok,Mammoths whatever.
But Im really not skeptical about the other 'ages' as well,like the Roman Era,Medival period,Dark Ages,Industrial Revolution,the World Wars and the holocausts...
(This is where I prove my history is really really weak)
Its just this age.Its not the 'kolijoog' or something.Its just...its too much tech-savvy.Somethings and some people around me are just pissing me off.Not that I dislike everything.Yes,I do have a really sad life story(as Rishi reminds me always) but there are somethings which I've begun to hate.
Ive developed this wierd ego of 'giving shit to whoever gives me shit'.That generally ends up in disliking most people around me.I have become critical about everything including the little girl who tries to ride a cycle.I hate my job,but thats common.Many of my friends with whom I used to have fun in this city have suddenly left this city.The other people who've managed to stay back are too morbid.My friends' big career successes and their fun-filled-life happiness is getting on my nerves.And lately,I've considered visiting a psychiatrist.Bum-Ho!
And what!!I've heard it a million times that I dont respect the country.Just because I think a bit unconventionally.Just because I really dont give a fuck to the retard Indian society.Because I drink and dope a bit.Because I speak English more than Bengali.Because I ape western culture(????).Because I watch more meaningful Hollywood movies rather than the masala Hindi flicks.Because because because......Maybe the people around should take a fucking look outside and change their thoughts about how my generation doesnt give a shit to culture and the country.Cuz it fuckin' does.Take a fuckin look around,people.Maybe 60 years of being a part of India's largest democracy doesnt really help.And yes,how my 'Great Indian 'company,still asks its employees to work on the Independance day,while talking about values,morals and culture.I do respect the founder a lot for starting a great Indian industrial and commerical revolution called Infffffo******.But working for firang clients and acting like a bitch on the country's independance day.C'mon!!and people actually call this patriotic and what my company Inf-uckin-osys has done for the country.Maybe I'm sorry.Maybe I'm not really.I think I'm far more capable of what people say about me.Maybe I'm not.But that doesnt change people for saying what they gotta.I guess some things never change.Not independance day.Or the Indian society and the people.
This is what happens when you work on a national holiday and still get no credits.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Man,there aint a single thing in the world which can beat watching endless episodes of "The Simpsons" on a dark Saturday,all alone, with Foster's beer and Smokin' Joe's extra-cheese sausage crust pizza.
Ohk,Why I like this stupid show called "The Simpsons" and hate Indian Idol??
Cuz Homer Simpson is probably the only cartoon character who thinks like me.And I cant sing well.
Ohk,Why I like beer?
Ohk,Why I like pizza with extra toppings?
Cuz it expensive ,you dumbshit.And it tastes good too.

Sunday was friendship's day.I think its real gay.
Real gay to have non-drunk men calling up other non-drunk men and telling them how much they loved their friendship.
Real gay to have drunk women call up other drunk women and gifting cards and pink soft toys.( I really do not mind this)
Real gay to have SMS about friendship's and even more gay to have someone reply them back and wasting SMS money.
Real gay to have people discussing about parties and get-together rather than sitcoms and sports.
Real gay to have orkut scraps from people who would normally never scrap you on a normal day.
Real gay to see the a Pantaloons End-of-season Sale flooded with tight clothed men and women buying pink shirts on this day.
....Can the world be wierder than this???...its a fuckin gay world.

I think I desperately need weed and love.