Monday, September 24, 2007

"......Well, your fingers weave quick minarets
Speak in secret alphabets
I light another cigarette
Learn to forget, learn to forget ......................................"

(This song is torturing me so much that I'm enjoying every line of it.....)

Ok,its really supposed to be exciting when you finally get internet at home.Especially after you get bored of using it at office where half of the chatting softwares are blocked and Orkut becomes an all time low.Work increases.This-that.
Well,it hasnt changed much.Orkut is still an all time low.Saturation sets in.I dont even bother to reply to scraps.Instead I've been researching with Facebook and Skype.And trying to explore my options in a stock-market career.Internet aint all that bad.And yes,the liberty of reading some really beautiful blogs at your own sweet will.
Maybe that the global warming has been messing up with my little brain. I find it really shocking what humans have done to the planet.We still sit in AC's ...keep the bulb on...and cut down trees to make way for human settlements.Save the green,save our planet.Lets peace out and do something about it.This is what I've been thinking for a long time.
Anywayy,life hasnt been that bad for a change.Some trips are lined up.There has been some weed,gallons of beer,hitch-hiking on trucks,rock 'n roll as usual,cough and benadryl,a bit of shopping maybe and some corporate whore-awards.And then the icing on the cake???
The two week homecoming vacation.There are whole loads of stuff that has been planned up already.
Brace up people,pull down ur socks,loosen your collars cuz I'm comin' home and I'm excited.Pujo is never bad and will never be better!!!!.....


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It was one of those discussions.

Yes,where words just seem to fade away.Go into the horizon.Through the ears.Into all the air around you.And you never seem to catch them.Its not withering.Its just the moodswings and the mindfuckingly drift.Everything seems slow down,sounds become clear.People around you just move far away,the background seems to be distant.The one-sweat-drop trickling behind the ears and the hum.The hum inside the brain.The ringing of the nerves.All that you can follow is the swirling trance of the nicotine smoke.
And then with one blink of the eye,you come back.
Back from the thoughts that has been reverbating and eating you up slowly.Where nothing else matters.Where one thought leads to another.The another leads to idea.The idea brings you to a sea of coloured judgements,beliefs,internal arguements,opinions et al.At the end,its just a myriad haphazard delirium of imaginative figments rushing in you.A euphoric disorientation is what you have been turned into.
And I just apologized for being a bit scatty unmindful .Thats what happened to me.

Anywayy,Mangalore trip was good.I dont feel like talking about it though.
It was just some nostalgic catching up.
3 friends.
Stories of life and the high seas and bosses.
The beach.
A port and a blinking-lighthouse.
Tasty fish-food.
Delicious local chicken dish.
11 litres of beer.
Packets of smokes.
A doctor,a sailor and a corporate whore.
A really long Volvo bus journey.
The Doors,Dylan and Anjan Dutta.
We kinda had it all.The decade felt good but it had passed.

Ohh,and one, ahem..... me!!, trying to be a Captain Jack Sparrow wannabe.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dope-times again!!!

This will be more of a personal admittance post than those usual cribbing ones.

Ok,life actually doesnt suck,I make it suck.I am 2-fuckin-3,but it feels like 40.I've been feeling this terribly old for the past few weeks.The way I live my life,no more partying,just reading newspapers in the morning,going to office,read some books about the world,plan travel trips,drinking beer with friends and chatting about good ol' times,no more getting drunk,no more doing those fuck-up nonsense stuff.I might look 19-20 or less as some people say.Mentally Ive become old.But I'm glad it didnt really take much time to realize that.For most oldies,its still abhi-bhi-mein-jawaan-hoon at 50.They party,try to go to discs,clubs,put muscles on and watch cool hindi flicks.I've visited virtually all pubs and clubs in this city and I liked it in the beginning.The dancing,the little highs and then the madly-shots and the dancing and lights again.Now it aint cool anymore.Adda, and not just in bengali, is any day way more fun. Heehee.See I am just old.Just fucking old.Youth goes,huh.Hehe!

And lets get back to farewells again.September aint going good.Maybe its wake me up when September ends,but thats not the frikkin case.Three are leaving.Three of those I really do consider friends,as in the proper close ones.It'll be a bit depressing without them.
Tinky's moving to Delhi to pursue her exciting rich- journo career,probably will miss her the most,especially after all the nonsense we've done over the years and years and years.
But heh-heh!!
Mad Kuni's going to Dubai for doing something,which I dont really know.Maybe,she will try to get richer.And then accompany me to Vegas and open up a casino.
And then Shibu's pushing off to London to hump Brit and Scottish babes.Ok,for higher studies along with his babe,Taps.But my nigga brother has been a fucked up asshole to me.And a really great guy.
And of course,I will be road-tripping off to Mangalore today with Rahul.The trip's supposed to be fun,but I'm sure it'll be hell-tiring before I even reach there.I always prefer planes. :-P

Maybe,I need a girlfriend.I'm tired of being single and trying to flirt around with girls.Maybe,I need to settle down and meet someone beautiful and get serious in my love-life.Maybe,Rishi was right.Also about the getting-out-of-bed part.So,mossad,wink-wink,CIA's getting back!!!
And someday,I will get a flame-hot girlfriend and show-off to everyone like some of the people I know. I will also turn into a proper snobby superbitch then.Thats what most people do after they fall in love with someone hot.
I'm laughing 'cuz no matter what I say,I always end up cribbin'..haha!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Cant really say much.Nothings happening.Not even new girls.The hot ones have boyfriends.The sweet ones have too many friends.The fair ones have moustaches.The deer-eyed are dumb South Indians.And the rest of them are too much fat or are too much dark circled.The one I like refuses to talk.This Indian generation I guess is dry.Its the girl-famine,comes every six seconds and then kills the mind-Cupid.Of course,not many girls fall for a short stout guy.Of course.But nevaamind!
So nothing's really happening.Not even much of Pune.Just looking forward to my Mangalore trip,maybe a Bangalore one,Goa's looking bleak and then the great Calcutta homecoming.
I wonder if saying farewell,is really hard,you know.There is this someone,who's leaving for some firang land in some days.And its kinda been hard,telling how much you'll miss them and then suddenly having nothing to say.You can't cry,'cause you are supposed to be a guy with hard emotions.Not that I havent cried.But its just that its against the rules.Its hard.Farewell's never been easy for me.Like leaving Calcutta.Leaving college.Leaving four years of shooters,bloopers,high-fliers,kick-asses.Leaving stupid-funny twelve school years.Farewell aint cool anymore.
And someone please tell an undrunk twenty three person is too old to dance with dumbfucks.Anyway,I got a party to attend.Lets all turn fake and put on our masks.