Monday, September 24, 2007

"......Well, your fingers weave quick minarets
Speak in secret alphabets
I light another cigarette
Learn to forget, learn to forget ......................................"

(This song is torturing me so much that I'm enjoying every line of it.....)

Ok,its really supposed to be exciting when you finally get internet at home.Especially after you get bored of using it at office where half of the chatting softwares are blocked and Orkut becomes an all time low.Work increases.This-that.
Well,it hasnt changed much.Orkut is still an all time low.Saturation sets in.I dont even bother to reply to scraps.Instead I've been researching with Facebook and Skype.And trying to explore my options in a stock-market career.Internet aint all that bad.And yes,the liberty of reading some really beautiful blogs at your own sweet will.
Maybe that the global warming has been messing up with my little brain. I find it really shocking what humans have done to the planet.We still sit in AC's ...keep the bulb on...and cut down trees to make way for human settlements.Save the green,save our planet.Lets peace out and do something about it.This is what I've been thinking for a long time.
Anywayy,life hasnt been that bad for a change.Some trips are lined up.There has been some weed,gallons of beer,hitch-hiking on trucks,rock 'n roll as usual,cough and benadryl,a bit of shopping maybe and some corporate whore-awards.And then the icing on the cake???
The two week homecoming vacation.There are whole loads of stuff that has been planned up already.
Brace up people,pull down ur socks,loosen your collars cuz I'm comin' home and I'm excited.Pujo is never bad and will never be better!!!!.....



onnesha said...

yaayness to the new connection.
oh ha,dont be too hopeful about pujo.
i am not the kind who finds a glass half empty rather than half full.
but here's my two cents-i apprehend the rains will be a major dampner this time.
dekh ki hoy.

coffee stain said...

"Lets peace out and do something about it"
weed is green more you smoke more grass needs cuttin

"The two week homecoming vacation" comin in a pink tu-tu and bright red pom-poms?!

and don worry abt the rain..... we'll float.....too much beer in system to drown....awe gettin drunk..and football in the rain... we gotta do that!!! have to...

Poojo C. said...

It's so nice to see u not cribbing in this post...!! :)
and u took my benadryl advice i see.. i hope it helps the cough! meantime stuff urself with chicken-beer-weed!

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@onnesha!!! coming to Pujos after ages...rains CANNOT spoil this one ...not this time!!!...

@roy....weed is spiritual...good for mental well-being...that falls outside global warming....
...and i wish i cud dress up in a pink tu-tu and a bright red pom-pom..oops,did i say that out loud??!!
and cheerz,we'll get stoned and drunk and play football!!!...

@poojo!!..benadryl made me sleep the entire day today...!!!..thanks to ya!!!

dreamy said...

cheerz! a non-crib post after a long time!...:D

archetype said...

Didn't beleive that you were capable of writing stuff that can be pseudo-morally-uplifting..
Nice change though..

onnesha said...

rain it will
(gives out a dirty chuckle)

Dyaus said...

I agree completely with you about global warming issue but people are reluctant even to think about it.

BTW who is the singer of that song? Sound interesting to me.

And ya. Happy Vacations. [:)]

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@'O'drita!!..cheerz back to ya as well!!

@archetype...peace out to ya _V_

@onnesha..(frowning) IT wont!..ill do the dance to make the rains stop!!

@dyaus...thanks man...btw..the singer is Jim Morrison,The Doors.

dreamy said...

Its AAAdrita!

My angry face:

^ ^

dreamy said...

ok, so that looks nothing like an angry face, but I am angry.
Angry with an angry face.

Kaushik Chatterji said...

"Lemme sleep all night in your soul kitchen!"

Wah Pujo! And ya, wah rock 'n roll, smoke, booze, hitchhiking etc.

Cough sucks - especially the 24*7 variety. Bendradyl doesn't really help.

But the best part is the random ramblings about global warming. Yes that.

Anonymous said...

to onnesha: no it will not rain

i am glad that someone besides folks in my college is paranoid about global warming

onnesha said...

to inihos and moo lah!
IT WILL!!!hahaha!
yora koddur theke ashbi
ar pujo puro bheste jabe...
(does a dirty dancing to beckon the rain)

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@Odritaaaaa!!!!...huh??!!...angry face??..where???

@kaushik...thanks for all that and thanks for dropping by,mate!!

@inihos...i do give a little shit to global warming,i seriously do.I think our planet's screwed.
And yaay,for supporting me.

@onnesha....dont worry,the rain gods aint gonna listen to ya rite now,cuz ive been doing the rain dance here so as to shift their attention.
It wont be sunny-sunny,but u know the weather with the nice breeze...whtever!! aint gonna rain(fullstop)

coffee stain said...

how many time do i have to tell rain dance korle nigeria te brishti hoye!!!

and guess who's back!

onnesha said...

moo-lah said "it wont be sunny-sunny"
sheesh man!
sounds like you have been hanging around the landmark shri shikshayatan circuit for some time!!
jokes apart.
nah! dont want rain either.too many friends coming down for pujo.dont want their pujo spoilt.
lets do teh dance together to stop the rain.
shall we?

Kaushik Chatterji said...

what happened to "blues fuckin blues"? :s

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@onnesha..haha!!(evil laugh) uve finally joined hands with us....welcome to the dark game for the tribal rain dance ..muahahahaa!!!..
...and shri shikshayatan..sigh!!..good girls they got there...:-D

@kaushik...i didnt like that post....

hobgoblin said...

lucky lucky....pujo!!
i wanna go home!!!

Trance-Maniac said...

lifes so much better rt??!!!!!!!!

Random Doodler said...

im going home too!! double yay!!

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@hop-goblin....yaaay! going home!!

@DD..err..trance's!..its GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

@random dooooodler...double yaay-ing!!!!!...*dancing with revolving arms*