Wednesday, October 03, 2007

" In the plane,Tyler Durden turns to Jack.

TYLER: Wanna switch seats?
JACK: No, I'm not sure I'm the man for that particular job.
TYLER: An exit-door procedure at 30.000 feet. Mm-hmm. The illusion of safety.
JACK: Yeah, I guess so.
TYLER:You know why they put oxygen masks on planes?
JACK:So you can breathe.
TYLER:Oxygen, gets you high. In a catastrophic emergency, we're taking giant, panicked breaths...Suddenly you become euphoric, docile, you accept your fate.....

Tyler points to passive faces on the drawn figures, from the INSTRUCTION CARD.

TYLER: Emergency water landing, 600 miles per hour. Blank faces - calm as Hindu cows..

Jack laughs..........................."

I remember this scene from a famous cult-movie,everytime I travel in a plane and I chuckle to myself,when they show the emergency procedures.

I was in Bangalore last weekend,celebrating something,I do not really know.Lately,I have been tripping and living like a dumb-shit hippie.Of course,with long wavy curly hairs,late afternoon tooth-brushing,alternate day baths,monthly shaves,double t-shirts and torn clothes.
I had an air-hostess fart right on my face...I went to a great pub,learnt some shit.....I had a girl tell me how easy and gullible we,*men*,were...I got inspiration from a guy who's really young....I was mindfucked before being happy all over again...I missed one of my really close friends,who couldnt make it.The trip was really good,considering that I did not really go to re-discover myself or take up religion all-over again.But it was fun.

Just a day before this trip even happened,I really had this urge of leaving everything.It wasnt a moodswing,maybe a bit mindfuckedness.It was a shit serious feeling.I suddenly didnt want to go to Bangalore and also cancel my Calcutta trip.I wanted to leave my job.I wanted to tell everyone what I felt about them.And I wanted to scream at all those people who say I have a great life. I wanted to destroy something beautiful and I wanted to pick up a fist-fight with some certain-people.I wanted to shut out everything.I wanted to live and be happy and free.I wanted everything to be colourful around me. Everything. Two years back,I was a different man. I used to be cool,I used to be fascinated by techno-gadgets,I hated The Beatles and adored Ozzy,I thought Vodka was bliss.Its strange,how things and people influence our lives.
And it is very colourful now.Today,I can,in five secs,name ten people who care for me .There are loads of things I can do.Life's so meaningful and beautiful.I have been motivated,inspired.Its a positive feeling and suddenly everything's so happening.
So,if Mr.Roy calls me up just to temme that he's concerned for me when I'm depressed,I'll ask him to light up two joints for me and smoke it up.Just for the old times sake,matey!

Anwayy,signing off from this blog from Pune....and Happy Pujos,everyone! :-)


ad libber said...

You could almost have been accused of cribbing if not for the last few lines. Wallow in your own depression but not others tell you how depressed you are
btw, your description of your hippie like state sounds uncannily like me (except mebbe the shaving part). OMG!!!

onnesha said...

floating in absolute nothingness.
you are blessed you have such "mindfuckedness" at times.
some are so deeply stuck in this monotony that they cant feel anything anymore.
you left pune already?

coffee stain said...

i lit 4.....i know how many i schmuck!

Poojo C. said...

Sigh.. I'd love to be a "dumb-shit hippie" (if only i wasnt so dumb-shit lazy!)

The last 2 paragraphs were insanely positive by your standards (applause). You really must feel inspired and happy with life :D

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@ad-libber....At 23 n in a white collar job,u r either depressed or boring.And yes,cribbing gives me a high.Its actually fun to crib....
And about the hippie state,I'll take that as a compliment but I cud do with some regular bathing... :)

@onnesha....thank ya thank ya...mindfuckedness is good actually.Cuz if u r having fun always,ull get bored of fun.Thats why i feel everything...
And no,hvnt left pune yet,another week to go. :(


@poo....dumbshit hippie life is good if u r ok with an unhygenic lifestyle....and I am happy with life!!! :-D

onnesha said...

oh yes,i kinda liked the post a hell lot:)

onnesha said...

oh yes,i kinda liked the post a hell lot:)

Dyaus said...

It sounds that you are working in some monotonous software development company.

At some point in the job, the idea of leaving everything for the sake of old things comes to mind, but just after a week off, the body wants to get back to work because it gives us lavishness to enjoy.

Reminds me what I used to think 5 years ago.

dreamy said...

I want to a hippie too!...
but without the alternate bath part.:-|

and she FARTED?...:O..and you did nothing about it?..or DID you do something?..

did you or did you not?
this suspense is killing me :-SS

but looking at the way you logged off..I think its going to be long before you reply :((

ps: nice post!..yeah, life's beautiful! :P

onnesha said...

when is the new post coming up?

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@onnesha.....thank ya thank post ...hmmm...maybe during pujos...or after it...jaani naa....:-P

@dyaus...u used to work in a software developing company???,she farted...but it was the soundless i cant even tell anything....heehee..
and yes,life's beautiful....

inihos said...

if the last few lines are really the way your life is, I would love it if it were mine too

Dyaus said...


Secrets are not told in public. ;)

little boxes said...

loved this post....u just spoke my heart out!