Saturday, October 27, 2007

Well,it went something like this......

A wild psychedelic trip on music....
Fat dense swirls of the Holy smoke.....
Clunkering of 16 beer bottles.......
A,mad car-death ride at 3 am.Yes,with 4 other stoned guys.
A bottle of Vodka......
Colours and sounds.........
Some guys meeting up.Adda.Chicken. yes,pizzas.
Innumerable punch-drinks of kicking Capirinha.....
A garbage always.
Three pairs of wobbly legs playing football in the morning.
More music.high.drunk.blues.zapped and acoustic guitar.
Hahaha!...Its all really cool.

Party has a new definition.Its called Trance.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pujos and Fuck-ups

Shoptomi:Rains and Beer.
Nobomi: more Beer.
Doshomi:Beef and beer.

Calcutta's been really fun.Pujo was ...erm,again......usual.
Calcutta's population bubble has finally burst.Crowd's been Really pathetic.
Maddox is pathetic.Too many young fuck-ups this Pujos.
No Ballygunge Cultural or Durgabaari.
Onjoli for the first time in the last eight years.
Beer again.A wild drunk evening fuck-up at Rahul's place.
People getting pissed on me.Fuck those people.Haha.
Shubho Bijoya.

Talk about cultural shocks and the fuck-ups??.....Thats me.
Thank you.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Isnt it great to be happy at everything ,laugh and say.....

"What the Fuck????"


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm the un-kewl uncle.
I wish I didn't really grow old,this fast.
Maybe slow down the process a bit,like apply the brakes,feel the wind,grow old bit-by-bit.
But I just don't even wanna fuck-drop and die either.

This is going to be a long....really long week for obvious and unobvious reasons.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

" In the plane,Tyler Durden turns to Jack.

TYLER: Wanna switch seats?
JACK: No, I'm not sure I'm the man for that particular job.
TYLER: An exit-door procedure at 30.000 feet. Mm-hmm. The illusion of safety.
JACK: Yeah, I guess so.
TYLER:You know why they put oxygen masks on planes?
JACK:So you can breathe.
TYLER:Oxygen, gets you high. In a catastrophic emergency, we're taking giant, panicked breaths...Suddenly you become euphoric, docile, you accept your fate.....

Tyler points to passive faces on the drawn figures, from the INSTRUCTION CARD.

TYLER: Emergency water landing, 600 miles per hour. Blank faces - calm as Hindu cows..

Jack laughs..........................."

I remember this scene from a famous cult-movie,everytime I travel in a plane and I chuckle to myself,when they show the emergency procedures.

I was in Bangalore last weekend,celebrating something,I do not really know.Lately,I have been tripping and living like a dumb-shit hippie.Of course,with long wavy curly hairs,late afternoon tooth-brushing,alternate day baths,monthly shaves,double t-shirts and torn clothes.
I had an air-hostess fart right on my face...I went to a great pub,learnt some shit.....I had a girl tell me how easy and gullible we,*men*,were...I got inspiration from a guy who's really young....I was mindfucked before being happy all over again...I missed one of my really close friends,who couldnt make it.The trip was really good,considering that I did not really go to re-discover myself or take up religion all-over again.But it was fun.

Just a day before this trip even happened,I really had this urge of leaving everything.It wasnt a moodswing,maybe a bit mindfuckedness.It was a shit serious feeling.I suddenly didnt want to go to Bangalore and also cancel my Calcutta trip.I wanted to leave my job.I wanted to tell everyone what I felt about them.And I wanted to scream at all those people who say I have a great life. I wanted to destroy something beautiful and I wanted to pick up a fist-fight with some certain-people.I wanted to shut out everything.I wanted to live and be happy and free.I wanted everything to be colourful around me. Everything. Two years back,I was a different man. I used to be cool,I used to be fascinated by techno-gadgets,I hated The Beatles and adored Ozzy,I thought Vodka was bliss.Its strange,how things and people influence our lives.
And it is very colourful now.Today,I can,in five secs,name ten people who care for me .There are loads of things I can do.Life's so meaningful and beautiful.I have been motivated,inspired.Its a positive feeling and suddenly everything's so happening.
So,if Mr.Roy calls me up just to temme that he's concerned for me when I'm depressed,I'll ask him to light up two joints for me and smoke it up.Just for the old times sake,matey!

Anwayy,signing off from this blog from Pune....and Happy Pujos,everyone! :-)