Monday, August 06, 2007

Man,there aint a single thing in the world which can beat watching endless episodes of "The Simpsons" on a dark Saturday,all alone, with Foster's beer and Smokin' Joe's extra-cheese sausage crust pizza.
Ohk,Why I like this stupid show called "The Simpsons" and hate Indian Idol??
Cuz Homer Simpson is probably the only cartoon character who thinks like me.And I cant sing well.
Ohk,Why I like beer?
Ohk,Why I like pizza with extra toppings?
Cuz it expensive ,you dumbshit.And it tastes good too.

Sunday was friendship's day.I think its real gay.
Real gay to have non-drunk men calling up other non-drunk men and telling them how much they loved their friendship.
Real gay to have drunk women call up other drunk women and gifting cards and pink soft toys.( I really do not mind this)
Real gay to have SMS about friendship's and even more gay to have someone reply them back and wasting SMS money.
Real gay to have people discussing about parties and get-together rather than sitcoms and sports.
Real gay to have orkut scraps from people who would normally never scrap you on a normal day.
Real gay to see the a Pantaloons End-of-season Sale flooded with tight clothed men and women buying pink shirts on this day.
....Can the world be wierder than this???...its a fuckin gay world.

I think I desperately need weed and love.


coffee stain said...

"straight" love you mean.....with all the homophobic remarks i didn know which side ye were on.....and see real frns never wish each other.... and that last phone call i made cost me 78 bucks...... for a guy who hates talkin on the phone.....dude you just pushed me to the limit....saala this month you do the callin!
and simpsons rule...... what better way to say fuck-a-diddle-do to america better than americans makin fun of americans...... doh!
i gotta see the movie!

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

Ahhh!!! ye...not on a frikking friendship's day!!!..
..and me too..i soooo gotta see the movie too!!!

dreamy said...

Happy fraaandsheep day.


Poojo C. said...

Lots of homophobia Moolah! and u like doing "all guy stuff".. u said so ysterday!!! :P

and i gotta see the movie three!!!

archetype said...

I know where in Pune ye can get weed ;)

archetype said...
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Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@dreamy..thank u..i wudnt mind that coming dfrom a girl.. :-P

@poojo....hush-hush!!! :-D

@archetype...ha!..dont pride urself on that..even my dad knows where to buy weed in pune!!! talkin about THE WEED!!..not just weed!!!

onnesha said...

"Ohk,Why I like pizza with extra toppings?
Cuz it expensive ,you dumbshit.And it tastes good"

slothful guzzler said...

too true......its a deranged world of raging homosexuals!!!!!!!!!!

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@onnesha...I KNOWW!!..and amen!!back to yaa!!!...:-P

@Sohil...sala,trust me,nowadays people are acting gay than ever!!!..i recently saw two men,holding hands and walking.It seems ok.But def not to me!!!!