Friday, July 27, 2007

Ahh!Lets see what I have here.
First,Hi5..and then suddenly Orkut banged in with this new sensational way of 'networking'.
And what was next?? A whole barrage of 'networking' sites trying to connect friends,family,non-friends,strangers,artists,spam bots,pedophiles and of course,advertisers.
Not that I am suffering from the syndrome of losing everyone due to apathy or whatever.But I really think there is a fine line of limit in being 'friendly'. And especially since half of the friends list I have,never scraps me,except on my birthday.So why fuckin bother.
Why do people even join so many networking sites.Just to get to know more people??Like strangers??Or find friends all over again just like the way they did with orkut,hi5 or facebook.Or is joining new networking sites the today's 'in' thing.Or maybe,posting your photos wherever in the world wide web,just to be noticed.Just to be noticed,heehee,shit,whatever again!!
Whats with finding strangers or posting "make friendship" messages??I dont think anyone among the people I know,is a loner more than I am.Then why the fuck would they want to know more stranger who probably might be more of a better dumbfuck.Or a 'sexual predator.haha!!
And the "make friendship" message requests.They are the best.And even girls have been posting them nowadays.(I just got my second "make friendship" scrap in orkut in 2 months from two different females,one of whom claimed to be a singer in Portugal).
"You have such a lovely profile,that it reminds me all the beautiful things in the world.I would like to make friendship with you."
Is there a possibly better cornier turn-off method than this.And they never learn too.Desperate desperate people!!
Orkut has created enough problems for human beings,as the news channels say.And vice-versa,I think.
I'm not really against the concept of getting in touch with old,no..really old friends by using technology.After all,these sites did introduce the 'small world' concept.And the fact that single or committed men does not spend too much time over the phone with girls.A single scrap normally does the trick. Of course,Orkut,thank you for all that!!!
What I'm against is the desperation of certain humans to be the cynosure of all eyes(maybe!!) in an entirely virtual space.I mean,its the internet for Pete's sake.It doesnt really matter who you are or who you pretend to be or who you are not.No one really gives a shit here.Even if you argue and win here,you are still retarted.
So go,shoo-shoo,flap-flap.Get a grip on the goddamn life.Start exploring the world,its high time.Go for random trips and talk to real people about real stories.Go,get a life.


dreamy said...

I like orkut, I interact, and generally have found out strangers who are very nice to talk to (that includes you).

But Fraandsheep requests,,and the fact that people actually use stuff like "autoscrapper" to increase their scrapcount ?..i mean duh uh!

AJ said...

ur blog is so beautiful..i bhont phrendship bhith u.

funny post,chako!...[:)]

onnesha said...

aaaaaaaaaaahhh!fraandshipss!they are thye ools!
p.s- u write lubly.can we be fraaands,pliss?

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@dreamy...aaah,I think we interacted through blogs before you found me in orkut....but these site,blech blech!!!

@Aj.....i saw ur comment and also saw ur friendship request of Facebook.....hahahaha!!..ironical,huh??!!

@onnesha....yeah,no!!!....and double sigh about the P.S... :-P

Anonymous said...

Dun be a hypocrite, ur increasing scraps and surmounting friends list speak for demselves.

whts wrong wid u dude, need a life?????????????

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@who-ever u r!!!(I think Rishi) not against orkut!!!! fact I love to use it as much as anyone else does....
..and my fuckin blog,I write whatever I want...U go get a fuckin life..Bugger off...:-P

yippeeHippie said...

blah! blah! blah!

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...


coffee stain said...

dude why would i leave a Anonymous msg...... pansy naki.....toke bohye pai..... and i remem what we / i used to do in orkut......
a. you like the attention
b. you flooded you sb to cross by counter..... bhata bhata..... ashol golpo to aami jani!

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@roy...ohh ya ya...i love and enjoy attention...(muahahaha..bart style)..
and i think i know who that is then!!

slothful guzzler said...

true indeed.......altho its all o that but still we're all into orkut and...quitely carry on with sweet nothings to half mad nomads!!!!