Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm Blue.
That night was not very different.I tried closing my eyes.The rusty fan shakingly creating a reverberating hum above.I pulled in the blanket to my chin,laid back my head and rested them on my palms behind.I was not insomniac.But I didnt get any sleep.No,the alcohol didnt help either.Somehow thoughts kept circulating inside my head as I closed my eyes every other time.When I opened them,I heard the hum again.So I closed my eyes,yet again,and counted sheep.
I sat beside the fence.A neatly kept small round table.A vase with purple flowers.A plate of well-made beef steak.A glass of water and a mug of beer.A cold breeze hitting the side of my neck.The first sheep jumped over.One.The second one jumped while the others lined behind from Ol' McDonald's farm.Two.By the time the third one had crossed the fence,the fence had grown immensely large.The herd barking and creating a wierd cacophony.I blinked and concentrated on eating the beef.I looked up.There were hanging bulbs.People drunk and shouting.Telling true tales and sometimes false ones.This was a bar of the fifties.
I woke up.

I'm Red.
I woke up.I looked at her lying beside me and mumbling about how beautiful life is.Everything seemed black and white.I sat all upright and stared at the hollowness of the wall in front.Somehow her words seemed as meaningless.She looked up at me through the pillow with those dark brown gazy eyes.And caressed my hand as if I wanted sympathy.I didnt want that.I wanted realization.And I didnt find that in her.Then through those luscious lips she muttered.
"Is everything ok,dear.I'm sure everything will be all right.You are the best.I love you more than anything in this world.It would be great if you sign on those papers.Things would be so different,you'll see"
"Do you love me for than you life?"
"Of course,I do,honey.
I reached for the top drawer with my right hand.A Smith&Wesson.
"Darling,you say that to every man,dont you."
She shocking looked at me with those brown eyes as I pointed the gun to her forehead.
All she heard was a loud click and the usual long defeaning silence.Then came the pain.No,I think she died fast.
I fuckin' shot her.I dressed up and left.

I'm Green.
I left.The doorknob too felt cold today.Everything suddenly darkened and vanished.And I started running.I saw a light up ahead and ran towards it.I thought of cheetahs running from poachers,gazelles from lions.I closed my eyes and ran.Then everything became clear.I stopped and looked up.It was pouring down heavily.Lights of the city and sirens of the cops behind me.I looked on my side.Rishi was there.With his cap and his peace-bag.His voice seemed heavy and gargled.
"Dude,why are you running?"
"I absolutely have no clue."
He said something else.I ignored him.And started running to a certain green light in a distance.I ran.And when I stopped.I ran some more.The light came upto me.And I hit those big fences right up on my face.The foggy light shone through the checkered steel.As the light cleared.I saw this entire mob.All the people I've known in life.All happy.All successful.I somehow developed an urge to hate them.And I did.I screamed heavily and tried to take the fence off my face.Some of them looked at me.The others continued being happy.I gave up.I felt the rain-water trickle down my cheek.And I fell.

I'm Yellow.
I fell.I heard voices.Voices of people.I saw the sun momentarily.The clouds blocked it.The grey ones.It seemed like a holocaust.I felt the lightlessness of the moment.The earth shook.The sky thundered.Suddenly,I plunged into an abyss of darkness.

It was all quiet when I opened my eyes.

PS:I had lots of second thoughts about posting something as corny as this.But I did it anyway.Ohh,and any shade of Pink reminds me of lesbians .Always.


dreamy said...

Aye, the post is not at all corny!
eet ess coulourful!:D

Now this comment, is what you call corny.B-)

coffee stain said...

hla...........aah the colour.....and was i runnin? taale dream cause tha last time i ran was......sheesh can't remember.... but dude...... shootin a gal point blank range even in your dreams is creepy......unless you wake up net to rakhi sawant...if that happened to me.... i'll close my eyes and place the cold steel on mi temple and then follow the light.......

Poojo C. said...

Loved the blue, red, green, yellow! Get a copyright on this one.

P.S.: i think u have a crush on rishi [:D]... maybe purple could be the color for gays!

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@dreamy....ahhh,thank yaa..and no,ur comment aint that corny,either.. :-P

@poojo...i love purple.i really do!!!..and yes,im thinkin of gettin the copyright....and ye,rishi's my love... :-P time u ran,i can tell u that..remember the famous nunku goal at the BM match...:-P...
...and ahem,u have anything to say to poojo's comment...:-D

rishi said...

poo's comment?!

hell no..... this is for all i am an arrow..... as for moo.....i have no clue.....if ye choose to swim upstream....its ok with long as ye don go touchy feely on me.......dude tui saala repustation er watt lagachis.... but one thing.....we both blog abt girls..... atleat i have on 3 occasions.... oi theres a song called "man love" scrubs e gotta hear it.... an as for all ye yuppies.... one more homophobic remark...... mossad and cia will bury thy buttocks!

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

i love u so much when u get all worked up..... :-P


coffee stain said...

oh its on donkey kong!

anastasia said...

the post is anything but corny and considering your love for pink shud there not be an entire blog on that?
and the yellow blog reminds me of a poem by prufrock...lovesong of j alfred ..but u wont be just brings to mind...a black smog coverin a city.....somthing which has been trodden into the ground..and cannot get up...