Friday, July 06, 2007

This is what defines a madman!!!

I had heard this nursery rhyme about how boys liked lizard tails and girls like pink-dolls.Now everything's changed.Its just cars,bikes,sex,rock 'n roll,alcohol,drugs et al.Sometime back,I had asked this little girl about what she wanted to be when she grew up."I wanna be like daddy".Thats what she had replied then.
Her daddy,I believe,was a compulsive alcoholic,who used to beat up his wife when drunk,make love to her wildly when not,work as a manager in an MNC,used to blame every other empty beer bottle for his miseries and used to smoke marijuana to get rid of them.
What is actually striking is that I wake up every morning with the realization that my life is going nowhere and I might actually end up being "this daddy".Maybe things wouldnt be as bleak and dark as I think.I am turning a bit paranoid nowadays.As in like the proper madman you will see in the asylums.The one who dreams about stars turning into atom bombs and falling on the city.The one who thinks every other human is actually the reincarnation of Satan himself.The proper mad types.
I'll tellya.Everytime I go to office and the car in front of me takes a sharp turn,I pray for a car crash.Or the wanting to blow up an oil truck with a shotgun.Things causing mayhem,you know.So that people are no-more bothered about their designer suits,faded jeans,ipods,computers,expensive cars.Yes,and just be bothered about living.Living so as to enjoy every meal,every relationship,and the every moment of it.Its so materialistic now.I get these thoughts all the time.As if being in a different place and enjoying all the creative destruction around.
I was thinking of writing a fiction post for my blog.This is what I wrote.
"The rain was drizzling outside.The pitter-patter of the rain drops echoing through the hallway.She sat there reading the magazine about the latest designer styles Beyonce endorsed.The fire in the fireplace suddenly arose and turned into a Chinese fire dragon and gobbled her up....."
All I'm saying that people like me are dangerous men.You never know when people go into a mindless frenzy.It maybe someone you dont know or it may be someone who is very very close to you.After all,I'm still one who listens to Dylan and believes Notting Hill is the most romantic movie ever.
You can call me a psycho.But I'm just imaginative.
I'm Dr.Jekyll's Mr.Hyde.
I'm Jack's unnerving irate desire to turn into something evil.

PS:*Khub ekla laagche!!!!*


dreamy said...

What is wrong with you?..:O..
On second thoughts...I can relate to most of the stuff you have written.Specially the starts turning into atom bomb part.B-)
It will be

dreamy said...


Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

ohh..thank u,my fellow insane blogger!!!! :-P

archetype said...

Are we unsocial or anti social? It's something I've been thinkin about for a while and I believe you're doing the same. Tor ei post ta reeks of social mayhem.. bhetore eto rag kisher? Kaar opor more importantly?

But then again, guess even I'd give anything to get hold of a .44 caliber and blow up that freaking fuel truck that stands in line as an epitome of routine monotony.

coffee stain said...

calleth dose o mi verbal bitch slappin shud otta so the trick!
call me i got somethin to say....and its nicole...tantra....wiongman....boono!

prudence said...

Well lets just leave all that 'sanity' we have and lets just think what if all that u r sayin becomes true actually........will it be fun??I am sure it will atleast be exciting....I mn...ryt from the screen of the 'Final Destination' movie......but then theres always the music....I wonder how will the music sound if all that u thnk actually becomes true....will Dylan be any different from Mansion......thats upto u to decide......and I am waiting for ur opinion....

onnesha said...

there are too many people doping,snorting coke,smoking up..sometimes i think,is this all to feel "cool"?somewhere down inside,arent they all making another futile attempt to shove the miseries and depression a little more under the carpet?that way,we are all heading towards being "the daddy"...
and ya man!we are all too darn materialistic these days.i wish Marx was around..

dreamy said...

I agree with Onnesha..
Too many people snorting coke..just to be "cool"

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@Archetype....onek onek raag!!!..Its all so disullusioned inside.Im having a great life.But im confused on the way its takin shape.....btw..shubarthi????

@rishi....bitchslapping or whatevaa...this is serious...and i did get to hear a bit about the nite from Sudi korechish??

@prudence....dylan and thik aachish... :P

@onnesha...materialistic..yes yes...its sad no...

@dreamy...i did mention about that coolness.....i say if u wanna do it urself...dont tell the whole world about it!!!

prudence said...

yaa thats my that u r not actually in the world that u r imaginin....dylan and mansion seem to be horrendously different.....but once u go to the rather chaotic world of urs.......will it be still different to you?????