Monday, July 02, 2007

Three confused things.

Yes is a guy.No is a female.A Bus-stand.

Yes(In Joey Style): Hi No,Whaaaat you doin'??
No:Are you talkin to me??
Yes:Yes,I am.I'm Yes..You are No,I suppose.We had met at But(t)'s party last week,remember. No(coldly):No!
Yes:I know,you are No.
No:No,I didnt mean that.I meant.N-O.No!
Yes:C'mon yo,now you are just playin' with words and names.
No:No,I'm not.I mean Yes,thats my name.And No,Im not playing.
Yes:See,you even know my name.
No:No,I don't.
Yes:But I just told you.And you just said it.
No(confused and angry):I mean.....I mean...yes,I did say it.But I didnt mean your name.
Yes:You always dont mean anything,do you?? Or is it that you are trying to act dumb??
No(pissed) :Dude,Why dont you stop pestering me?
Yes: I aint Dude,I'm Yes.Now you are acting as if you forget my name.No,I'm Yes.
No(mindfucked,pissed): No.Yes.No.Yes.No.Yes.WTF!!!!???!!! You either fuck off or I call the cops.
Yes:No.I mean yes.Ok,whatever!Cya.

I wonder sometimes if words have these funny little conversations among themselves.Like at night,they might just come out of the books and talk about the world like elves.I think every word has its own tale.A story of each letter.But,yes,words can sometimes be as stupid as humans.....!!!!!

Lets talk about Die Hard 4.0 before I talk about the other 'luv moviee'.Its awesome.Totally guy-movie.Its really been a looooong time since I saw a proper Hollywood action flick.Die Hard 4.0 definitely brought out the Arnie in Bruce Willis.Story nei,but fultu action.Full adrenaline pumping ,jukie and bullety action.
And yes,I troubled my ass this weekend to watch,wait...HR(thats what he was called in the movie) in Aap Kaa Suroor.Two famous multiplexes in Pune were housefull throughout Sunday for Aap Kaa Suroor.Shit!I realyl dunno how I actually sat through the entire movie.Snapshots of the movie : The autowalla scene in some place in Germany,HR's motionless face throughout the movie and the hilariously-Himesh-monkey-face during those sudden emotion bursts,Hansika's!..super bad acting,Himesh pointing to his nose and saying "God knows (nose!!!!) ".... the fuckall-giri in the movie is unending.Bottomline,the movie has everything to become an Indian blockbuster...bad direction,no story,gay-ish villains,an actress with a mouse-voice,Mallika Sherawat's skin and definitely Himesh and his songs.

I've become this stalker.There's this lady in my office,she's beautiful...well,ya.I sometimes go out and follow her wherever she goes and watch her movements.Its out of nothing.Dont mistake me for those sexual predators or those psycho-serial-rapist-killer.I'm not those.I just like to follow unknown people and see what they are upto.Its frikking wierd,I know.I'm just another Dexter.
Shit!I'm clean.I swear. :-)


HARSHA said...

Grr..Who's the lady?

dreamy said...

ok.Apka Suroor will NOT be a blockbuster.and ya,the words and alphabets do talk at night.I am sure.And whos the lady?[:-?]

coffee stain said...

yeah more like an evil maybe not a proper COO COO.......but you are gettin there.... and aap ka surur...... exactly how drunk were you?!

and i sure as hell know yes ain't you......but no...i'd l;ike to get to know better.... bus-stand e dariye onno meye dekha...oops....did i say too pansy you!!!!

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@ harsha which lady...??? suffering from temporary memory loss!!!!

@dreamy...I do wish aapka suoor turns into a blockbuster..will just prove how pathetic indian movie audience is....and yes..what lady????

@roy....evil calvin...ami???...ami???!!! the hobbes!!...
and yes aint me....and y do u keep calling me a pansy..:-P

slothful guzzler said...

i have new found respect for actually sat through the entire himmesh flick???????????????

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

its a really good movie!!!!!.. :-P

yippeeHippie said...

you're fun(ny).

onnesha said...

so wats really under HR's cap?
why doesnt he smile-EVER???
and shit,i cudnt believe that kiddo had grown up in 4 years time!
u follow ppl just for the heck of it?freak!

AJ said...
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AJ said...

duuuuuuuuude!..u watched the himmesh movie?? were i thinkin???

Random Doodler said...

i hate poo-na, i hate it!! how do u get time to stalk ppl and watch shitty movies? i barely get time to eat.

coffee stain said...

@ doodler
"in the world of females"
isn't that like good?!

prudence said...

U actually saw the Himesh flik!!!!!Dude i never thought the southy food was that bad...!!!!

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@ yippiehippie...ohh!!..thank u!!! but am i???.. :-P

@onnesha....under HR's cap..long hair!!!..he never smiles cuz he had a brother who died and hansika made him smile,they fall in love,I call him a child molester.Amen.And please dont call me a freak!!!

@Aj...dude..i watched it.I am proud.. :-P

@gini....poo-na is fun.But not if u live in jailkhana!!!...sigh sigh!!

@prudence ...dude..i dont live in the south.Geography improve kor!!!.. :-P