Thursday, June 28, 2007

One man to second man: I'm thinking of giving up blogging.
Second man to the one man:But where will your readers go when they need to hear somebody whine about how unfair life is?

I took this one up from one of Hugh McLeod's Blog cartoons.
Ok.I am the 'one man'.I am Psycho The WonderKid.I do keep writing about my daily woes and how I constantly crib and whine about my life.I wonder sometimes if we write blogs to show others how miserable and pathetic we are.And of course take a definite pride in being so.And then pry into others and read personal life blogpost incidents.Maybe some even practice voyeurism.Its all a relative thing.But the entire idea of a blog,I believe, is about the freedom of it.I mean no one can really charge you of criticizing or
plagiarism,being imaginative or even cryptomnesia.
Yes,I did start up blogging just for-the-heck-of-it.Actually,I started blogging because a certain someone had once asked me to take it up.No,wait.I started to let out the emotions and dark feelings.I really dont know why I took up this writinn blogs.I did want others to read about what life had taught me.And what it didnt.Mainly,it was the didnt part.I never really learn much.Its like one of those things you get to see on the Saturday late night shows.You get to learn about a new thing and forget it as soon as you .......forget it.Its like an ex-convict never learns about domestic beating.That kind of learning.
I was 30-minute interviewed by some of my senior collegues about how much I should learn and in turn,self-improve by changing habits and being innovative.Innovative,I am.But changing,thats not really happening.Yes,so self-improvement is what most of the people lay stress on.Self-improvement is not rocket-science or a brain-rape.Well,it is a kind of rape.But self-improvement is self-improvement.Thats what everyone does.Trying to get better.And better.And better.Till they eventually think that being better is not really worth it.So lets die.
Its what each one of us do.In our mundane jobs,at house,academics,sports,financially.
I never did understand this term.I mean why improve when that improvement is actually not an improvement.You take the bloody pains of getting to that next level.And when you reach that level,you feel thats you've been stupid about going to that level and that you should have targeted higher.And this goes on and on.
Its just a type of mental masturbation.You realize its futile,but no does really thinks that.Why cant we just stay the same and then let improvement ( or whatever!!) happen to us normally.Hehe! There I go whining again.
Its all a brain-rape sitatuion,aint it.Just like this post.


HARSHA said...

Ye Ye..You can post it on the soft board in the project area :P

You will be given A in d appraisal :)

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

**HAHA**...very funny,harsha!!!!!

HARSHA said...


coffee stain said...

i so feel a totally non-sexual way tho... i mean i get where thats coming from.....fuck.... a bloody ant bully.....

dreamy said...

Whats "improvement" anyway?I mean..what the hell do we need to "improve" for?..and its so person specific!..and blog, you whine in your blog..and you call yourself a "wonderkid" your blog...I toh jusht looove your blog...and the fact that you whine in your blog..and the fact..that you call urself a wonderkid!

coffee stain said...

she's got a point there pansy!!!

Poojo C. said...

when u put it that way... this self-improvement crap seems highly troublesome... maybe we should all take out a procession n burn all self-improvement books everywhere.. that could be a start!

onnesha said...

mental masturbation it so try bringing that bit of improvement in you.but i guess it never happebns because you stay conscious and ruin the whole idea.and besides,it takes you a nano second to realise that the whole world and all its ideas are so goddamn relative and when that DOES sink in,nothing can possibly earase it from your minds memory.
and thats when the disillusionment and confisuon creesp in.
i mean wat on earth is improvement.its something to you.and a totally different perspective to me.
boils down to nothing in consequence.

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@roy.....haha!!..u feel me....uve been feeling me for the past 5 years.... eeeee!!!..:-P

@dreamy....yes,its person specific...we all do try and everything...dont you???

@Poo....i wish we in burn the books....are there any books on self inprovement anyway???

@onnesha..totally agree..!!! boils down to nothing.Absolutely Zilch.I say,Why improve,when we r all perfect anyway!!!

Anonymous said...

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