Friday, July 13, 2007

Lazy Lazy Lazeez!!!

Everyone around me has been thinking a lot.You know those career thoughts.What to do,what not to do,where to fuck up,where not to.Those thoughts.I always...always go blank whenever someone brings up this topic.I let them talk,just occaisonally nodding my head,saying "hmmmmm" and "thats really great"...and then wait,wait till they pop up the question."What have you thought about your career?"
I normally go-hum.Then I start thinkin a lot.You know those thoughts.I have decided on pursuing an Management degree(MBA sounds too cheeky) ,not because I like it but really 'cause I really cant be a techie-scientific-geek.And being a politician is against my moral principles.

You know what.Management people,are the best form of unsmartness and stupidity.Maybe,I'll tune into business management someday.But thats someday,lets not talk about it.I mean,what exactly is management.Everyone knows management.As long as you know what your shit is and as long as you know how to handle it,hallelujiah!,u know management!!!Most of the Human Resource and other management people I meet,are either dumb or very bad in english(yes,that incidentally matters to me a lot) or very fat(I dont know the reason for that).Oh ya,and they also think they are the brightest people in the world with a shit load of attitude.But then these guys are just sorry fucks.Its like management people and real estate agents.Whatever they do,they are still retarded.And shit!,I'm gonna turn into them,like those humans who turn into zombies when other zombies bite their fingers off.Or was that the Werewolf.Whatever!Its like the those expensive savvy snazzy junk sets like the Apple iPhone.No matter how much expensive it is,you'll always find lots of stupid Indians buying it.Thats management.

This guy,Russell Peters,has got be the funniest stand up comedian in the world.But not if Jerry Seinfeld is more of a stand-up comedian rather than an actor.But whatever,this guy is funny and mocks every other culture in the world.
Anyway,I'm tired of blogging nowadays.Its the saturation period,just what happened with orkut and Yahoo Messenger.
And hopefully yaaaaay,I'm going back home in Pujas!!!...YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!!


coffee stain said...

sunny up my creek......if ye need advise..lemme know.....amar theke kono betta manager dekhe chis?!

madari diaz booyah!

yippeeHippie said...

hmm.. this is freaky, but you're almost like my alter ego!!!

dreamy said...

what? bored of blogging?..:(

Poojo C. said...

Aaahh.. another person who echoes my low opinion of MBAs... n i agree.. most of them are fat. Avoid that "management degree" for as long as you can. Cant have you turning into "one of them" just yet!

PS: Nooooooooo... you cannot get bored of blogging! Whose blogs will we all go read then??!!

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@coffee stain...aahh...madari diaz..rofl...with players like us..u had to be a good manager...*wink-wink*

@YippieHippie....Ohh!!..Am I??..I thought I was my own alter...

@dreamy...ohh yes yes!!!

@pooja....But the truth is..I will turn into one of them...and dont worry...more sad blog posts on the way!!!...

onnesha said... course?

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said... guessing u r saved from it!!!