Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sometimes its really fun to watch people during exams.
I mean,when you aint solving a thing,all you can do is watch.Of course,if you've done a night out,just sleep. Its really fun.Personally speaking,I go all my way out,to spend the initial minutes checking out the problems and the questions.The next 10-15 minutes are spent in blankly staring at a particular question and thinking "What the fuck have I been doing?".Not realizing,of course,that the guy next to me has started zombie-mumbling his gibberish calculations.And then the other bespectacled guy starts scratching his hair,the invigilator plays the tabla on his desk,the ringing silence in your ears.Its all so extremely random.So....
.....so,I go all the way out.
Blank answer pages.Doodle filled roughwork.Chewed pencil ends.
The satisfaction of quitting was never so sweet.Much much more than being that guy in the coloured newspaper.

Today's Track: Open Car by Porcupine Tree


coffee stain said...

so now you get it.... this is what i felt in college! :P
hee hee
fish boom bang and i was out faster than you could say... what the faaaa :D

solo said...

aajke i have test. but i tell ppl i have pet kharap and no go :(
shhh shhh shh!

coffee stain said...

ge ge ge ge gegegegeegegegegegegeeggeegegegegeg

Poojo C. said...

Study study. No MF of mine ever quit on exams. Job, yes. Exams, never!

solo said...