Sunday, October 26, 2008

Most of it was fabricated.Like crying over the shoulder just to show everyone that I cared.Like talking about sunny days when you actually like the nights.
I need to get a grip.Man,I mean I really need to.Yesterday was a one of those realization days.You fight with your ego and you crave to move on,but then its the voice at the back of me head.A disoriented feeling of being left out,secluded,ever had that? Contorted sympathies roll out and they laugh at the back of me back.The spine had ears and eyes and they listened and saw everything,preferred to keep quiet though.Its cold,like steel,feels cold on th temples.But then,I chuckle to me-self and say "Its summer baby,put on your shades and shield your eyes from the dark warm breeze....".Insecurity,ha!!Kill me,shoot me and I'd rather die without that.
Like turkeys on warm Christmas corn.

As the gloom of the winter sets in and the chilly wind blows goosebumps on you,it brings back memories of a time long lost by technology,hairstyles,adolescence and the entire late 90's thing.

Ektu exhausted laage aajkaal,buro'o hoyechi onek.....thats why old memories be flooding me mind.

Tora calcutta trip'er aar random chobi dekh.Ill try and get a pirated file of Karzzzzzzzz.Tan-tan-tan-tandoori nights...tandoori nights!!!!


Enchantress said...

huu shotti buro...hope u have lost ur sight then...[it will help u aftr u get hold of a karz].....hearing aid lagle sheta khule fele de!!!

buuuttt i personally tag u frm the last post of my blog!!time thakle korish!

coffee stain said...

i be besh proud.... boy last pic be besh good....and the first not so bad.... besh besh.....

me : welcome back man
Zedd : :P
me : get nice and cosy
its gonna be a while
Zedd: achcha...i just made a joke
why is ballack a striker
and not a defender
me: i can guess
tui tao bol
Zedd: cuz he is a 'ball attack"

Poojo C. said...

Last chhobi ta haloo pooro! Haloo I tell u.

You be not that old. Imagine poor Madz' case. You still have time boy.

Soul soul soul soul soul soul!!!

Poojo C. said...

Why is Coffee posting pagla type-er baaje PJ?

dreamy said...

so hows Karzzzzz?

Random Doodler said...

eh! look at the date u posted on. Forgetting something?
You bitch you went to cal and then you spalsh good times all over the net?

madhurima said...

pooja...i take offence!!! :P
but seriously...u not that old at all...n even if u r, u write well and even take nice snaps! so wats the chaap?!!

coffee stain said...

combat nap ki nap korbe shara khun..... what bull man.... balls i say... balls
bitch (i said it cause she said it faarst)

Macadamia The Nut said...

What do the last few lines mean?

P.S. The last pic was fab!

little boxes said...

onnesha looks hawt...
was ur aging heart able to take the shock called Karzz?

solo said...

ta tananana tandorri nites! tandoori nites!! :D