Thursday, May 29, 2008

Well,Calcutta has been sweaty.I could rather do without the Carpe Diem phrase.

So there has been The Xrong's,which I loved absolutely.Its expensive but it has this Irish wooden pub look to it.Im thinking of making it my hangout,instead of Oly,which is,nowadays,smelling like that certain rotten Mallu hair-oil.
I loved Eden as well. the place is always so vibrant.I liked the little verbal brawl we had with some drunk Biharis,who were supporting the rival team. one of them looked like a smart-ass chinki and the other one,resembled one of my old college fucks.So its justified. R shouted like a lone bengali with improved hindi.But the big guy thought I was the don,and apologized.Dada was kick-ass with his Pak comrade.We were slightly drunk and Sreesanth got Fucked.I loved every moment of it.Even the chicken at the dhaba tasted good.
And then there was that bit of pot at Roy's place.With smokes and beer ,of course.Perfect good old times.Even watched Kahn play his farewell match.With Ms.Gums and CoffeeStain.Salt lake stadium was electrifying with drum-beats and MB flags around.I loved the way Gums described it on her blog.
"Yesterday, I went for the football match starring Oliver Kahn who got honoured by everyone who was anyone in Kolkata."
I wanted to also post about a bengali guy,I overheard in the bus and also about some of the football fan antics.But its late.
We had the mini blogmeet.Except that in a blogmeet,you see lots of new faces.Onn got late.CoffeeStain,Gums,Moolah and Dreamy met up.Dreamy dropped water on her pants.CoffeeStain burger looked like Vada-Pao.Moolah's pineapple juice tasted like fermented piss.Gums actually reasearched about the food at T3 and ordered French fries.For more pics,Gums blog again.

I have also been creating superheroes.I have a team of 3 now and we intend taking over the world.Vee.Cee.Dee.

Ive also been having beertalks.Im happy.


solo said...


with love..
the rich woman owning the mansion, lake, farm and also christian bale! :P

Poojo C. said...

And you advertised my blog! Twice! Hugs! :D

It is so nice to see you being happy! And I'm so pleased with this phukkat ka advertisement :D [Notice the big grin].

archetype said...

T3 refused to serve a compatriot and me a couple of months back.. bloody wankers.. That place sucks donkey crap..

Superheroes are nice. I'm guessing one of 'em is a huge Morrison afficionado

Anonymous said...

thats why you shouldnt go to T3

solo said...

bt i sumhow like t3
the coffee is nice toh

coffee stain said...

don remind me... even vada pao is betta... sheesh

~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ said...

@solo....with love from the rich woman abar ki...u r CEEEEEEE.....but hushhhhhh!!!!

@poojo.....hugs hugs back to ye!!! me!!!...morrison,sigh!!!

@inihos.....Oly was ruled out! :(

@solo (yet,again).... I love the coffee,and the ambience,the food sucks....i love the icecream as well!!!

@Coffee stain...tasted like Zinger eh???!!

solo said...

bole abae shhh ki!?
aar y back commenting i thought u wer gettin wasted at the xrong place...
was tht xrong info?
damn im crackin bad jokes!!!
and i love being rich woman ownin mansion, lakes et al!!

little boxes said...

onn was supposed to temme when it happened...
remind me never to talk to her again

onnesha said...

jabbaba!ami jaini toh!
ki jata.
na jawa satteo era mention korbe ar amay phashabe!

solo said...

ei onn was in gariahat!!!!
she was wearin blue kurti, hair open n lookin rather radiant!!
aami dekhechi!

solo said...

:| :|
:| :|
:| :|
:|:| :|

:| :|

:|aar parchi na, bt u gt the point nw, dnt u?!

Nymph said...

how are the du takas coming? nice and steady? hope your nightly 'gross' income is more than 12 bucks these night

~evil grin~


~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ said...

@l'il boxes.... Onn is making to our hitlist really fast :-P....kichu korte hobe bujhli.... :-P

@solo.... that is my tee-shirt???Thank God uve stopped about the Road rage one!!!

@onn....onek toh maarli amar'ta....eibaar chaar..(there be vengeance :-P )

@ridge......who told u about Du takas????
i will comment on ur blog...its too open out here!!!.. :-P

Nymph said...

hey thanks for commenting and blogrolling. just wrote one now, after a long time. you seem to be as erratic about blogging as me.


onnesha said...

i was in gariahat.
but looking radiant?

coffee stain said...

du taka..... yuk yuk yuk

i swear i didn happen to pass that on.....

OilPastel said...

i love T3. Its one of my favourite places in the City.

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf said...

I wanna join in on all the Bonging fun! :'(

AnnaChronism said...

Me wanna join tooo..

PS. - G** !!!!!!!!

little boxes said...

cholo onn ke petai!

Macadamia The Nut said...

You've been creating what??
Rright! :D

dreamy said...

Onnesha was in Gariahat? ..I thought she was in shyambazar ! :O....and I was only because I really wanted onnesha to come and thereby was trying to help Nunkuda decipher her sms and reply back aptly [which was possible only after we deciphered her sms] when the warer-filled glass toppled over in excitement.

onnesha said...

i will KILL solo for this.

Anonymous said...

now onn has a problem with looking radiant...excuse me, but why??