Saturday, June 21, 2008

There lives this person,called the Oyster boy.
Smokes.Drinks.But doesnt kill.He just tries,strives and earns a living.

He lives somewhere in the down-south of a great impartial nation with an aspiring doctor brother,a bereaved mother and a paralytic suicidal father trying his luck with one of those
'cry for help' things.
Scrimpy salary,not enough to make both ends meet.

Consider a timeframe,and the survival rate for him would have dropped to zero,maybe.
That is his life.
But the story is not about him.

The story is about some thousands of middle class families,we choose to ignore with a belief of "that great nation" Rising.

What rise are we ex
actly talking about?what?.
The story is about the emotionless anarchic conformity of human existence.

There are good men,like the Oyster boy.

There are bad men,whom we may or may not respect.
And then there are socialites.Highly respected by the society,white-collared,masquerades with congeniality and love yet is evil to the very core.

Unhearted fucks,I spit on them.
I thought losing all hope was freedom.But not when,hope really does not exist anymore.
I was almost moved to tears.
But hey,my excuse is that I can never change the world,can I now?

I have not been blogging lately.I was actually busy being the corporate whore,that I always have been.Earning paychecks and slaving for white people from white rich land.
The Calcutta holiday has been,lessay, a blast.
It was as usual great to drink and smoke up with Roy,yet again.Finally got to know Cee and Onn and Dreamy.Hanged out with Pooja,got acquainted,which never really happened the last time we met in Pune.Got beerdrunk with Rahul.Watched a German-legend goalie pose for photographs and not play,while Dada entertained Eden Gardens.There were quite a few more surprises that spewed along the way,but are un-mentionable here.
I have been feeling rather green.Envious.

Of Rishi's Tattoo. (see picture of Roy and me in my infamous Road Rage tee)
Chumma ran away again,I think.
Of others' ability to play the guitar.
And of successes of some people around me.

But even after all the green and the cribbing,Im happy.I happy for reasons unknown.Happy for things not going my way and resigning to it.I have also been hallucinating and suffering from temporary memory loss.I have been drinking,quite a bit and happily.Sometimes smoking up.I even blacked out recently,happily,again.I hallucinated while I was in office.And I promised never to drink again,and broke my promise the very next day.Happiness is such a drug that it makes you happy,all over again.I love the idea of creating delusionary ideas and escaping all away.
My un-photo blog is coming up soon,Combat Nap,Watch this space or that.
A certain person is definitely not fat,even though she is convinced she is.
Orkut revealed an ex-foe.He has bitch-tits now.
And something's up. I can't tell for sure.
Ever seen a Hippo dance??They need lots of love.
So do I.more and more.


coffee stain said...

wow....see this is why we started blogging..... kick ass!!! sigh so many interpretations i can gather.. like good old times....
happy is good....happiness is a drug...a very addictive dose of whack .... but it comes once in a while... remember the lightening wala story... sigh.... ppl say the grass is always greener on the other side.... i say i got grass this side....and i can't see the other side..... greener is not always better.... shucks
.....good to see you writing again.... just don kill the oyster boy in the middle of the story this time..... in real life yes the boy dies.....and no one cares.... but he don need to....he don need to

coffee stain said...

i just realized that that comment was good :D


bom kaora

Random Doodler said...

i like oyster boy. but he's going to sell out. i just know.

onnesha said...

fuck man!this is an awesome post.i like how it has been kept discreet in certain places.and hehe,the road rage tee.whoever said its "infamous".its what got you so phemass.remember?

Aphrodite said...

hehe....u are one big happy seems....

Sam said...

hye.. u've got a nice fuild way of writing... liked it.. keep mroe such coming!!
and the concept of oyster boy is right on... damn truth!!

madhurima said...

i love the way u leave the reasons for ur happiness unexplained. it makes the reader so happy too :)

Darkling said...

oyster boy chiiiiilllllllllll.....

Poojo C. said...

Oyster boy I like. But he seems to be a little too hopeless for my tastes. You can change the world... anybody can... in little ways, in big ways. You've got to want to.

Heckuva post this one. Corporate whore... write more often.

"German-legend goalie pose for photographs and not play" -- heehee.

Nice to see a happy paragraph in a blog that's generally chockablock with grumbles.

As for the 'certain person'... :D

~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ said...

@all....coincidentally unfortunate that is,oyster boy is someone I know.Oyster boy aint me.Its someone's life story and its depressing enough for me.

@coffee....Amen to all that everything else.
Haati kaa .. ahem! :P

@Doodler..I know totally.Sad,no.?

@onnesha....discreet it is absolutely.And road rage never made me 'phemass"..!! hmpfh!

@aphrodite....heh..mostly yeh!!!

@sam...thanks a ton for dropping by.

@mads....So do I.I do not really know the reasons as well!! :-D

@darkling.... :-D.It aint me.And he cant chill.

@Poojo....I cant change the world,honey.Period.
But but...even though that ur 'certain person' guess was wrong,I would love to consider it the right one. :-D.
Hope that made sense enough!

coffee stain said...

oh i miss the chakma..... good good... suspense aache chele'r modde... and dude ektu discreet ektu :D
fer your own good......
oyster boy in oyster sauce.... hee hee on a platter

Anonymous said... hoye ki korbi...cherey dey...

O...and I think tattoo be nice...

solo said...

oyester boy rockssss!!

and so does road rage tee!!
damn i lou eet!!
hurray for dee, master entertainer!!!!!!!

Random Doodler said... come you are Dee?

~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ said...

@roy...chaakma dewaar toh time ekhon tor....!!!..CHAKMAAAAAA!!!!

@inihos....chaakri chharte chai....engg hoye chirchi!!!!
i likes tattoo too's!!!

@solo....abar sarcastic about my road rage tee!!!..sheeeesh!!...kobe toke bojhate paarbo!! be nice expensive tee.!!!

@RD... hmm... im Dee as in D as in Debanuj....and u r just in dee-dee...maane dee- dee...we are both Dee and spell the same...but we mean deefferent....

dreamy said...

memory loss. I think that is what is cracking you up, temporary or not. B-)

Random Doodler said...

*nods happily*

Macadamia The Nut said...

You seem like too smart a soul to be doing stupid things to yourself.
Yeah, I'm poking my nose where its not needed :D WHat're you gonna do about it? Sue me? Kill me? :D