Friday, June 27, 2008

The shuttle crackling sound of the leaf was a reverberation.
As the joint was passed around,the stories of the world were being discussed.
Bill Gates steps down,West has it all,Madonna and Guy splits,Ambani loses money to be richer,millions joining the B-schools,the China talks.
Malnutrition in Somalia,debt of an Indian suicidal farmer,mental torment in Afghanistan,a weeping abused kid turns to prostitution,injustice in the middle east.
Raped and over abused.
In between all this delirium and the smoke,Our Mother Earth just turns a page.
The joint is passed.

Its 2.30.
Im a bit zonked.
And I feel happy.
Dejected but happy.
This is a no-nothing post.

I would not say that I dont really care.

Today's Track:Most Precarious by Blues Travellers


Sam said...

funny how the weed makes one capable of thinking on parallel tracks like never before!!

Poojo C. said...

The zonked you is tres poetic. Bravo on "In between all this delirium and the smoke,Our Mother Earth just turns a page."

coffee stain said...

far out man....
i will now only photo blog... tui complex khawiye diyechis....

and dhupkathi na...pass it already!

Darkling said...

sometimes the no meaning posts are the most profound!!!funny how it made me feel...very empty!!![or maybe i need to order a pizza]!!

Random Doodler said...

keep writing...tor hobe.
and pass the peace pipe this way too.

hobgoblin said...

the joint is passed!
i love it!

solo said...

my gawd! wat poetry!!
zonked you shud publish verse book!