Friday, May 09, 2008

Dope Times

Now,what? You are saying it aint right,huh?
Yeh,of course,it aint friggin' right.I know,it aint love.
Well,I dunno if it is....maybe,you know.
Ha,if I dont know who will,eh...and I know it aint.
But I think its her,I really do.
But tell me something,of all people....her??
Well,she's cute,she gives me sweet fat pinches and she smells nice..
You're crazy,why not the other woman?
The first one?
Yeah.I remember her.
Im thinking career interests.Not mine,of course,duhhh!
Ya,she has plans,big plansI hear.I mean,money,being rich,,you know,I think.
Ya?? And what about "The plans"??
Just dont bother,I dont think I know.
Create a cult? Change the world?
I like that.
You know you are never gonna do that.
Ha!you are just being fuckin prejudiced.
No,I just know you are never gonna do that.
How do you know,what I can do.
Now now,remember,'John','Jack' and the wrong son who got killed?
What has that go to do with this?
Well,maybe you aint the wrong son.
Maybe you are way too fucked up.
So you are trying to get back.
No way.
Ha,I see anger.Revenge,I presume then.Revenge,best served cold,eh??
Fuck you,I think I need a cold shower.


onnesha said...

that be rap,i presume.
"she's cute,she gives me sweet fat pinches and she smells nice"
sweet fat pinches?SWEET?FAT??
you be a very weird man.

coffee stain said...

not again... shit no man..... tell me this ain't happenin again..... you in a whirl wind man...... if you wanna get out....swim the fuck out.... but something tells me you don't ..... let go man..... fall in... get suckered..... its not as if there is only one..... for the time its this one.... pore baaki hobe..... tui kolkatate aaye.... i'll brain the fucking wash you :D

Poojo C. said...

"Revenge, best served cold." -- bhery cool.

Also, bhery cryptic. Real girl?

dreamy said...


solo said...

dope b very bad. esp wen the person who's writin ths comment has been stoned since saturday!
funny though!
i like the revenge bit. could visualize a fridge. and frozen blood. graphically gory i get wen stoned. sighh

Darkling said...

what 'love'!!and watta rap[agreeing with onnesha]!!!

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf said...

Revenge is a dish best served three times.

But you're stoned. So peace.

I don't know what I'm talking about. :|

undifferentiated said...

rather awesum man. powerful!

AnnaChronism said...

That was some good shit ! :)

Anonymous said...

I think I have lost track of the post...

Macadamia The Nut said...

:D Were you talking to yourself?

reema said...

whether it is to save the world or conspire to destroy it....
wether it is to rise above or be lost in obscurity...
Gr8 plans are always dopeful musings...
hopeless n meaningless bt worthy of rememberence...

nice, i like!...Reema