Friday, August 11, 2006

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Have u ever seen a ghost?.I have not.But y do we actually believe in
them.I thought ghosts existed in ghost stories.and now we have ghosts
in Tv soaps,in movies and even in reality shows.And i thought ghosts
actually shunned the entire human clan,and were only nocturnal
spirits,who were the most bored ,f*ckd up miserable people, only
taking the form of wierd shapes n sizes when they wanna scare
people.And they dont even get paid for that.People should start
employing ghosts.corporate ghost world.SpiritRobotics Inc.
And have ghost societies.BoneYArd Bros.

This is one useless blog,which ive written out of abosulte
boredom.Rite now,im the only one in my family who's not wet.I think
its the rain.It has created a cacophony of hackin coughs and
asthamatic sneezes in my house.And im the only one who seem to be
unpeturbed by that.And the 'jamini ray' picture above me is so much
meaningful suddenly.And my game-parlour-prized stuffed puppy is even
looking at me today.I watched Manoj Night Shymalan's "LAdy in the
Water" today.typical manoj movie.and now im talkin as if he was my
childhood friend.d'uhhhh!!!!

I thought everyone in this world had been born for a purpose.I still
dunno what it is.PRobably i will.Someday.Sometime.

But didnt someone once say "Surely life is supposed to have more
meaning than this?"
I guess this is not the right time to answer that!

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beloved_witch said...

BoneYard Bros is a brilliant idea!! and i know who should start it! :)
Thats a rather profound qstn u have been pondering over towards the end. If u know the answer already, there wouldnt be any sense in living further would there? Ignorance is bliss, as i always say!