Saturday, August 12, 2006

Am Stuck!

I have made the one of the biggest mistakes of my life.I dunno why i
did it.But i guess it needed to be done.To get my life straight.For
my conscience.

5 friends.Oly pub.Holy pub.4 pegs of whisky and rounds of beer.Kinda
high.Pretty drunk.cigarette sticks.Navy Cut.Ashes and the soda.
Some date in August,2005,Kolkata,WB.

We all had a nice time.Discussing what had happened durin our college
days and what we missed out on.But we never regretted.Even if we
did,we said it with a smile.I did regret.But not much.After all,I had
a group of friends,cheap alcohol,quality weed,subjects to
study,aweful teachers,occasional weekend outings,loads of fun
,college politics,innumerable night-outs and a beautiful campus.I had
the best college life I cud ask for.But was i HAPPY.or SAD!

The only supernatural experience i ever had was with a black magician
who claimed he could do anything he wanted.i WAS were my
other 2 friends.It seemed normal.But the atmosphere was so eerie.As
if a creepy crawler was climbing along our spinal cord and tryin to
make its way to the brain and turn us into immortal zombies.And then
the salt.The first night we were drunk.Drunk as a sponge or maybe as
a fish.We didnt know what.The second night was EVENTFUL.A whiff of
cold air and the ambience.But then realized it was our mind ..playin
games.We liked it.It was so much fun i visited the place for a second
time.A place of seclusion.Shhhh.....
Some date in november,2003,Aaritar,Sikkim.

Today i got drunk.Not drunk the usual way.I tried getting high but

Sumone tried to cheer me up yesterday.But somehow i was arrogant.I
thought about it the whole night.Felt good this morning.Thank
you.Thank you,Though i dunno how to.:)

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beloved_witch said...

Always knew u were idiotboy! Holy Pub again?? Last minute holding on, or what? :P