Sunday, August 06, 2006

the last night!

I was watchin "Love actually" on Star movies.It was 2:45 am.The
previous day i drank quite a lot,enough to get me a hangover the next i slept that day as well.and now i was awake.I slept all
morning ,all afternoon.I felt like drinking more and go to sleep.but
Lady sleep was toying with me today.i felt like a naked gigolo.But
couldnt help it (he he).just when Hugh grant was hittin on his
secretary and another english actor was about to hump his girl,the
screen got .....'bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz'.....the fan stopped
rotating.A second of silence.oh F*ck!power cut! oh F*ck bloody
mosquitoes!i hope these mini vampires die of malaria!everyone in my
house was sound asleep,but me.Sheesh,why god why...why me,why
now!!!... gawd i so fuckin hate this time.i lighted up a cigarette
and went to the bathroom to smoke it.I started thinking.

Many days back.
I had recently got a job.So we were at this bar,drinking to my
glory.we were talking about how college life changed us.we were 6 of
us.Me,rishi,shibu,sap,angshuman and tapashree.just when a decent
amount of alcohol had been consumed,we started talkin about
relationships,my 'supposedly' innumerable flings with was
then tapashree told angshuman y didnt he get aritri(the love of his
life) here...and y dsnt he dsnt spend much time with her.We were
high,i guess pretty high to explain what had happened in the next
hour.anghuman lowered his face and started cryin like a
baby.taps(tapashree) felt guilty and started cryin too.i saw rishi
give a smirk and got himself another peg.the other were tryin to
pacify both.i looked around.i went to rishi...i told him how much ill
miss my friends,and i started cryin too.i cried for the first time in
4 years.and it felt good.real the time we left the
place.everyone had cried in litres,for reasons we still dont know
why.I felt it was the best maal party ever.But it made me realize how
much people still cared for me.I went home happy. Pause.

I dropped the ash.took a puff.smiled and started thinking again.

Some days back.
MY project seminar really went bad.I so wanted to hang the external
examiner and cut off his genitals.but i couldnt.i told
rishi,"dude,make me a joint"...i saw him gigglin for no reason.By the
end of that night,i barely could stand up.I realized how wasted i
was.Within an instant i knew my life sucked.Felt really guilty that
day.I called up Mr X and Ms Y.and both told me to 'F*ck off' in a
polite way cuz it was almost 1:30am.i felt alone.I still had so many
things to do.Go to disneyland.bungee famous.fall in love
and be successful.Earn in like charlie chaplin.and here
i was killing myself.The world finally turned into me and i slept
after that.Pause.

I was smoking the butt now.i was wonderin whether to throw the fag or
keep smoking.and i started thinkin.

Yesterday or the day before that.
Life is suckin drunk.quite a lot.but had a gala time at my
frnds place.saw one of my friends drunk for the first time.met
another after 6 years.had dinner after that.talked about the skool
stories for the umpteenth time.and laughed a lot.and then came back
home.and did nothing.ohh!.Pause!

yaaaaaaaaaay.Lights are on.finally.whew.n im done with my
smoking.time to sleep i guess.
i turned off the light.shut down the Tv which turned itself on
suddenly....dunno y....just lied down.and felt sleepy!

think.I woke and lookd at the cell phone.

1 Missed Call!

i smiled.'uffff,Ki Bitch!'


beloved_witch said...

did u see the end of the movie or not??
and dont fag so much! ul die at 25!

debanuj said...

'i turned the TV off..."

ripz said...

some confession..
interesting read!!

...roy said... friggin joint......u forgot the bongs....u lef out the "confessions"....dude.....lets do one thing.....u blog a story...and i blog its un-edited version.......savvy....... where's my rum gone....