Thursday, August 10, 2006

A few years back....

Probably the faintest memory ive ever got is one where i see my great
grandmother have heart attack,while the elders in my family are
trying to comfort her. Mom said i was 4-5 months old then.And people
said its rare to remember things at such a young age.But i did.And i
even remember my great granny stare at my face admist all the chaos.i
distinctly remember her grey eyes staring at mine,as if saying,"we
are 2 different entities living on this about to end
mine...and you are about to start yours."

I started going to the nursery at 3.The teachers complained i couldnt
stay without my brother.I couldnt comprehend whether it was a bad or
a good thing.And i still dont.

Age 4.My brother had left nursery and had joined grade 1.By now i was
used to staying without my brother.One fine morning,when the birds
still chirped and leaves were green,i remember a certain Mrs Gupta(i
think or name changed due to memory lapse),vented her frustration on
a fellow student of mine.i looked in horror.A 4-yr old kid getting
brutally handled by a middle aged bitch cuz he couldnt answer what
3+3 was.i was too shaken to speak a word in the entire day.My parents
got worried.But whenever i wanted to speak,i mumbled.The next day
onwards,i had a stammer in my speech.

By the time i stepped into my 5th year,i had.....earned a reputation
of a quiet and angry kid,pissed on other's books,learnt to open up
things and then couldnt fix them,refused to recognize my aunt in
front of the principal,loved to play with round shaped objects and
learnt diplomacy faster than any other kid.I had 2 best friends in my
last year in the montessari.A guy named abhijeet and another Mr
Whose-name-i-cant-remember, who lived just opposite.There was another
marwari girl with round shaped specs,but i never used to hang around
with her much.

I finally started schooling at Don Bosco's at 6.Its a pretty big
school.I cried the on the first day itself.Not cuz i was leavin my
parents but because i thought i had brought the wrong books.Which i

It was my first annual sports day at school.I was taking part in this
'eat the chocolate and run' race.I loved chocolates then.I still do
now.I was given a free 5 star chocolate,which i was supposed to eat
and run.whoever ate it first,ran and reached the finishing line would
win.Arjun banerjee or Ryan Chang came first...i dnt remember
who.Debanuj Chakraborti was last.cuz i relished the chocolate and ate
it slowly.I was the laughin stock of the entire crowd there.But what
the f*ck i didnt care,who anyway cares about a gold plated medal at
age 7.I was clever enough to enjoy the choco bar.

Years rolled on.Time flew.Sometimes didnt.Pretty uneventful too.I got
my first He-man toy on my 7th birthday.I was awarded the 'good
conduct' certificate in my 1st and 2nd grades.I could run very fast.I
had friends with whom im still friends with.I was very very bad in
bengali.Not so good in english.and worse in hindi.Probably was good
in maths.But it never did help, cuz i remained a dork nevertheless.

People everywhere brag and whimper about the woes of their early
years.Im glad i didnt have any.I loved my childhood.

Some days back I heard 2 childhood friends talk about their good
times and their gang.I just heard on.Felt good.After all im just a stupid old f*ck who bore certain people with stupid conversations."shei,aar ki...." :)


beloved_witch said...

U blogged!! Finally!!
You could've ended better though!
Anyway..."shei ar ki.."
:) :)

ripz said...

those were the days..sigh!!

debanuj said...

@beloved witch
yes yes..i finally did...thanks to u.....

im we all miss those days....