Friday, May 18, 2007

Ideas and thoughts but no answers!

Its just one of those unusual Saturdays when you dont wanna spend the night drinking beer and swaying to music.This week.Chowki-Dani *check*.Its not just another barren land transformed into a cultural commercial festive abode like Delhi Haat or Swabhoomi.This is defintely DE place if you wanna experience the ethnicity of a Rajasthani hamlet.Body-massage by the fat-mouch'ed pehelwaans.A manual giant wheel.A puppet show.Teer-Dhonuk.Darts.Camels,horses and carts.A Big dong-a-ling with a giant hammer.Mehendi shops.Jotishees and palmists.Pottery art,where you can make your own stuff*I tried making a distorted chillum*.Refreshing Ganne-juice.Rajasthani folklore* I tried dancing*.Crimson doll shops. And of course the ethnic cuisine.
I saw the colours,the tunes,the people,the food.A total cultural harmony.Felt good,for a change.


I mean why does it always have to happen with me??
*Now bear with me,you've probably heard me saying this a zillion times,but for time's sake,again....*
Why was I chosen to fall for cute girls and not for hot ones?
I'm falling for every other cute,short,plump,straight-hairdo'd girl on the
Whenever I see one of those kinds *ahem!* Dil mein..Ektu thump-thump kore.
Ohh yes,I'm watching the DeathNote anime series now.I like it too.Maybe its cuz I'm done with the entire Prison Break series,Friends,Joey,Seinfeld.And I hate Lost.And I hafta gotta catch up with Heroes too.


I saw "Flags of our Fathers".Another WW-II movie.But Eastwood,not Bruckheimer or Spielberg.Kintu ektu touched holam,cuz of the way it was shown.We never do remember the soldiers after the war.The brutality.The mental pain.They go through.This might not concern many.But I did know someone who died after the Kargil war.And also the fact that I wanted to join the army after my schooling.We salute them.Cheer them up.Vote on whether to go on war.Forget them.Abuse the defense policy of our country.Maybe its time we thought about them,their families.....after the shameless ordeal they go through.


Ok,now for the second thought.I think I'm getting better at the psychic thing.I mean reading other's thoughts.My skills of deduction have improved.Rishi'ke koto baar murgi korechi!!..I'm turning into being the best.Maybe I should open a Private Investigation Firm.

*Thinking really hard and staring into the space just above the computer screen but...*

Yes,this would ultimately question me about what-the-fuck am I doing in a Company full of nerds and biaaatches and corporate whores and blah-blah-blah!

ohh...aye! The pirate song for ye ignorant creatures!

"Fifteen men on the dead man's chest--
...Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
Drink and the devil had done for the rest--
...Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!"

Excitement again!!! *Wriggling my fingers and eyes steamily glowing*


And I'm suddenly missing Jadavpur and Park Street a lauhoooot!!!

Ok,We can all get funnily lost now!


ohh PS: *Orkut presents *Today's fortune:

"Good news will be brought to you by mail."

Yaay-yaay!!..It did!!!



dreamy said...

"Whenever I see one of those kinds *ahem!* Dil mein..Ektu thump-thump kore"...LMAO...seriously?? also.. your post shows how amazingly multi-lingual we can be!me also loves talking like--->

"aamar dimag toh amar ghutna te achhe"..:D

rishi said...

ahem ahem......kake murgi korechis??
saala one sided story......and aamar chaat miss korish na?
double ouch........

rishi said...

and do i need to comment on your love life scenario?????

.......yes hole bolish... comment e aant be na..... blog korbo lol!

prudence said...

well.....there u go again....doin tango on a mine field is easy but the results cannot be predicted........however all the best!!!

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@dreamy!!....heehee..seriously!!..jaani naa buro hochchi naa eita pyaar...bloody mixture of bengali and b'bay lingo has made me talk like this????.....

@roy!!!....murgi korechi...toke!!! jaanish!!..deny korish naa..heehee...of course tor chaat i'll miss always.....!!!..for reasons best known to u and me...:P

and prudence....jaani....ami tango korchi naa doing the salsa now!!!

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

and rishi...hush-hush on my love life....notun secret plan aache!!!....
phone korle toke bolbo..but hush-hush!


onnesha said...

i am having this overwhelming desire of rubbing it here goes...
i go to jadavpur everyday(infact i am just back from there.)and i intend to visit park street sometime soon!!!
loved the first post among the whole bunch.very ethnic and chic!

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

damn you!!!... :-P

I gather,u are from JU.I'm not.I live in Jadavpur.So its both my home and JU which i miss.Park Street,every bengali's hangout place.I miss it too fucking much!

Yes,about Chowki-Dani.Its a must visit for anyone who comes to Pune.

onnesha said...

well wat do u know...the worlds a damn small place!me lives in jadavpur too!!!:P

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

sigh sigh and double sigh!!!....

Now that you mention seems im missing it a bit too much!!!.... :)

But i totally agree on the small world thingy!!!....Doesnt it just freak you out sometimes???!!!

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

where in Jadavpur do u stay anyway???

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