Friday, May 18, 2007

This can defintely be a WTF moment.
There are times when you are standing with your seniors from office during a coffee-break or something.Everyone's in the light mood,talking about life,weekends,parties,wives exceetra-exceetra.Then a round of joke-session begins.It goes like this.Everyone says a joke untill your turn comes.Yes,I'm talking about that moment.And you realize out of the millions of jokes you've heard in your 23 years,you forget every single one of them.In fact,you forget the entire English language in one instant.All you can remember is ..."Fuck!"
So here's my backup.
Two drunkards were driving a car one late-night searching for a new bar.
One of them suddenly parks the car messily on the road and asks the other guy.
"Did you see the bat??"
"How can you ever miss that.It was huge.Flew right past my nose.Damn!"
"Do you want me to drive?"
"No,I think it got scared and flew away,I'm cool"
So they start driving again.They find a bar,kinda shabbily lit up.It was kinda empty,but whateva.
They go in and order a pint each.Drink it up and order a shot each and drink that up too.And they order two mroe shots.The bartender realizes that both are shit drunk and refuses them.Humiliated,one of them asksl the bartender.
"hey dooooode...Temme if you wanted to fuck real badly on an all-men land,what would you prefer...a beer bottle or a tree trunk?"
The bartender replied "Ai gotta waaife 'n ma tree keeds,eef ya saay dat 'gain,ma gonna kick yer arse"
Both the drunks start waving their middle fingers at him.The bartender gets pissed off and takes a shotgun and shoots one in the neck.
The shot-guy almost dead,lying on the floor mumbles something while coughing and spurting out blood.His drunkard friend stares at him for a minute and says to the bartender.
"Thats one hell of a shot"

'Hyuk-hyuk.'Ok,this is the part where your seniors are supposed to laugh.Everyone.But they wont.
They'll just never invite you to a break again.And they'll give you a raise whenever you want it!


Random Doodler said...

If i'm drunk, I might actually laugh at that. But i wouldnt increase your salary. No way.

dreamy said...


coffee stain said...

oye.....aami 40 peyechilam[:O] wtf???
and the first part o your joke...."fear and loathing in las vegas".... the second part....welll thats kinda cliche.......
i laugh....not at the joke but at you.

onnesha said...

is it a grammar school or what?why is it compulsory for everyone to crack a joke?i know what u are talking abt.i might hear a zillion jokes but i never remember them at the right moment.

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

gini....u mite consider increasing my salary considering the fact that i told ya such a psycho joke...!!! if i was drunk i would have just said "d-uuhhhh".... :P

adrita....i know ..WTF...i was in a similar situation some time back....!!! ye..first part of the joke..fear and loathing...but trust me..i wud blurt out this joke if i was asked one..and u got bugger off!!!

onnesha....its not grammar school..its called the stupid code of office life....its compulsory to crack a joke..otherwise u r outta the 'gang'...sigh!!
and about the rite moment...shotti naa???!!!


rishi said...

aare tui joke keno bolte parish na bujhte pari na....... i mean your life is a joke......bole fel kono ekta instance!

HARSHA said...

OMG!! Who did you hav a jokes session wid! Looks like Im missing a lot!!

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

lol lol...nope nope nope....but wudnt it be great to have a joke seesion with Mr.M or with Sean??...heehee...maybe we can share LEvel3 jokes then!!!

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

...and rishi!!!..
my life's a joke...after all that you know of me...u call my life a joke???!!!!...a fucking joke...!!! which people mite not even laugh at!!!!....
im reduced.very reduced!

onnesha said...

moo-lah buzinezzzsays..."my life is a joke..a fucking joke..."
tell you wat..there are very few of us who actually realise it till the very end.
we put up a brave front..pretend the whole while that we are doing great although we might be crumbling inside...
the good thing is that u realised it so early!
cheers to that..wooooh!

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@onnesha....thanks!...its true.I do agree about my life beign a joke.And considering I happy-go-lucky about it!..But sometimes I wish it hadnt been this way!