Sunday, December 23, 2007

No,the light never gave me away.Nor,did the camera.
The camera was way too focussed on the light.
It was the cards.I had just passed 'em along,you know.
The Ace of hearts.The two of diamonds.The five of clubs.All of 'em.
The bet was the entire game,I guess.Or vice versa.I can't really remember.
As the cigarette ash dropped on the wooden floor and the round of drinks repeated,the bet just got higher.
They said a 3-2-Ace flush can win everything.
All I had left was a half torn card of a King of clubs ,a brand new Queen of Spades and a ten of diamonds.
But outside,its winter already.

Maybe when life aint going the way its supposed to be, stuff like this make us feel better.


Macadamia The Nut said...

The last line was a masterpiece
Merry Christmas friend!

dreamy said...

I know, stuff like this DO make us feel good.Plus its winter already!

hobgoblin said...

hmm...very high fundoo! :)

coffee stain said...

dude....i need a translation or tequila ....ole!

Aphrodite said...

whts ïn between the lines"?merry chritmas...belated i