Thursday, December 27, 2007

Its not really a bad hair day.Its close to one though.
Its not even trying to learn rocket science.

So,I just about screwed-up my career.
And some plans aint working out.
And a long awaited trip suddenly becomes jinxed.Politicans,maybe??!
I'm suddenly all thoughtful.With 'the thinking-man' pose.Or maybe thats to let others know that I'm thinking and leave me alone.
Things which were funny a couple of years back are not so amusing anymore.
People around me have a wrong ... very wrong impression about me.And about themselves,as well.
I feel tired,lethargic and boring.TwentyFourSeven.
I saw something that resembled something else some many years back.Sometimes a sudden truth can be so startling it can shake and crush all your good memories.Praises and insults are just a part of it.Part of the self-loathing and the entire dark portion of that little-life-phase which you have always tried to ignore and forget.You feel deja-vu'ish,then the dreams come back.All this just blocks out that ray of limelight under which you have been standing,smiling.The stage becomes just dark and silent.Even the violin stops playing.

At the end of the day,I look at my hair which more or less resembles a nest of starving malnutritioned snakes and I say..."Fock Fock Fock,now what the fuck is wrong with this?"
Maybe,yes,I am having a bad hair day.


Aphrodite said...

oho...whats all this abt being screwed up???nd bad hair tell me abt it...did u cancell goa..or somethign??

coffee stain said...

sorry to have been the bearer of the bad news...... but then i might agrue i sould have saved your life :P

onnesha said...

bad hair day?
i have stopped fretting myself silly over it.instead i have turned it into my freak fashion statement.i simply leave it unkempt.

little boxes said...

this post is so ME!
bad hair 18 years of suffering,and i know how that feels!
and yes,i feel lazy and lethargic too...TwentyFourSeven

Darkling said...

but hair day ehh?hair a messy nest?if its a bit long tie up in a ponytail[all puns intended]!!

Dyaus said...

Screwd up your career eh? So re-plan. Do it until you find your real instinct towards your dreams. Wait... what I am saying should be followed by me first. :D You know this is competitive world. :(

coffee stain said...

fuck aware..... be very aware

dreamy said...

oh, bad hair days with the thinkingmanpose are over very pretty soon, I am sure.

Macadamia The Nut said...

*pats the nest of starving malnutritioned snakes*
there there! things cant be that bad! lol

Hey there! It's me again. :D
Hope you have an incredible, funtastic, year ahead with everything your heart desires!

Disclaimer: Alcohol, drugs and botox are not included in the wish list. Hehe!

Dyaus said...

Happy New Year Debanuj :)

inihos said...

do u need a haircut??

happy new year

~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ said...

@Aphro.....yeh yeh,its one of those days ye know...

@coffee stain.....hahahaha,forget it now bro.... do i,so do i!!

@little boxes....just 18 years of suffering...aint that a bit too long??..:-P

@darkling...ponytail...hyuk hyuk!!

@dyaus..happy new year to u too!!and thanks a ton for the advice!!

@dreamy..hopefully they should be over soon!!!

@macademia....thanks a lot and same to u as well...ill try and cut down on the last part uve mentioned....:P

@inihos....i desperately need a haircut....happy new year to u too!!