Saturday, December 15, 2007

why are thoughts so random???!!

Ok,this is back. the random thoughts.

I got the SNAP exam tomorrow.and I aint freaked out about Ms S,or Mr here's a wishful thinking.I wish I get a bit worked up for helps.
I got tickets to Goa for the New Year.I am not very sure of my company.I have not decided on where I'll crash.I have very minimal bank balance.but I have decided on how I will spend that odd 10-lonely-hours.body massage,beer,musicals and maybe another tattoo.anyone who wants to join,can just drop in.
I want to make it a habit to wear watches and stop using my cell phone to look at,I needed a watch.for myself,not to wear it a couple of times and gift it to my cosmopoliton brother.maybe,for eternity.I also needed a new MP3 player.I checked a couple of stores but nothing beats an I degraded myself and checked out ebay. all I found were fake chinese MP3 players and watches.these Chinese traders are shit good.
I wanna quit IT.
I wanna quit job.
I wanna quit my fake "I'm studying for MBA" thought.
I wanna quit the dirty old stamina stick habit.
sadly,I have officially quit writing after the 20 odd-pages of my book.I killed John.I always thought he would live.but I've killed him.Boppi had a bag of pot and a loaded gun.John just had to choose.he chose the marijuana.and Boppi shot him.Boppi loved the drug.but the book just cant continue anymore.
I love my laptop.I often hug it while sleeping.I also want to own a scooty.Men like bikes.Ladies drive the scooty.Ladies with the scooty love men who ride bikes. Men who drive a scooty are chased by dogs.
I finally have a choice.Film Studies or being thrown out of could'nt be better.I finally have a fuckin' choice.
I also love Pune.the weather and the chicks mainly.unfortunately,this city has no place for people who try to juggle between being cool and being me,of course.and I still like the city.

I wish I could get a bit more angry.This is the saturation period.Where time goes still and everything becomes stagnant.


ad libber said...

The scooty part was marvelous. Wish scooties were more popular in this city.

Why do miserable thoughts make us laugh the most?

aphrodite said...

ooh rite u r..random thoughts are too dangerous...

coffee stain said...

man what i'd give to be in goa over the holidays man......and tui bhai same crib crib......cheers! gandu

hamid's friends said...

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onnesha said...

i damn like your no-hypocrisy,totally-on-your-face posts,man!
and man, i hafta say!you sound like those business tycoons or page three(or,both) years in goa,massage,maybe a tattoo,anybody who wants to can join in.i mean,wtf???

Darkling said...

QUIT wats worth QUITTING

dreamy said...

I am sure the scooty thinige is a direct results of solving analogies for the SNAP paper. and the questions?

I mean the heights of stupidity I tell you, Survey guy asks female how many children she has and what are their ages, so female answers that the product of the ages of her three children is 36 and the sum is the address next door and my eldest son is sleeping upstairs and the effing survey guy tells her


films studies is MUCH better. :D

Macadamia The Nut said...

If this is saturation point, just you wait until Osmosis ;)

Ceruleus said...

Nice, interesting write!

Macadamia The Nut said...

Lol!! It deads so dead pan and yet, like ad libber says, makes one laugh despite the underlying misery. :D Love your writing style

Anonymous said...

oh brilliant so u are saturating too!!
hugging the laptop while sleeping is a lil dangerous...and ye, dont forget to hire the bike in goa

Poojo C. said...

I have 2 six-month-old watches that I got for my last birthday to get out of the look-at-the-cell-phone-for-the-correct-time habit. The cell phone continues to rule the roost while the watches rot in the cupboard till ticking time finally exhausts their batteries.

Lappies are very huggable. :D

And get another tattoo! [wolf whistles in advance]

~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ said...

@ad libber....miserable thoughts make us laugh..maybe cuz we are all sadists!!.. :-)

@aphrodite....right u r!!!..:-D

@roy....oi oi oi...come to goa na!!!

@hamid....u r a spammer and that gives me a problem....but thank u for droppin by!! tycoon??..i dont have any cash nor i have a place to stay..and im a business tycoon???!!
I was just being polite in sending the goa invitation.. :-P

@darkling...everything's worth quitting!!

@dreamy...i solved that question in the exam..but i must admit it was stupid!!.. :-P

@macademia and cerelues...thanks a lot for dropping by.:-)

@Inihos...yes,we all are saturating...unfortunately,i dunno how to ride a bike.but i will hire a car defenitly.... buyin a watch(fullstop).:-P and yeh yeh tattoo yeh kinda exicted too!!

coffee stain said...

eibar get something on your arm from your "african" heritage..... go for tribal art....i got yudi to sponson my arm in march!!!
ma shunle na....."red hot-rod".... cold side in first! :P mone aache!

Random Doodler said...

yukk...SNAP...yukk yukk yukk!
Who's Ms S? :P

Blogger said...

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