Sunday, November 12, 2006

An Obituary!

Debanuj Chakraborti ( 15th march,1984- November 11,2006)

this is my life and im ending it one minute at a time…..”…….Tyler Durden.

What would u say to people around u when u realize that in some time u r about to die…..or would u tell them at all……he understood that….thats why he only confided in me about his death.Now that I am writing his obituary,he is no longer with us.
Debanuj Chakraborti died yesterday of cancer.He was a great guy.He never told anyone about his disease. Prolly cuz of a social backlash or because he didn’t want to be ruined mentally before his death.
I remember one very day ,he lay there in the hospital bed.He said how special his friends were and how much he missed them.But he said that with his usual smirk and his special sarcasm on life…..
I wish he get what he wanted in his afterlife and the lives after that.He let himself in the gauntlet of death not because he liked life but he would be probably enjoying death more.
Just that the cold winds of the winter didn’t affect him more than it affected us.He loved a girl once or twice …I don’t know…but it seems the cold misty wind always had the better of him.But he didn’t give up.He searched and loved and in turn loved everyone.And then he had cancer. Its called the sad twist of fate,but he called it karma…..serendipity…the coincidence of the mysticism of the being. Yes,he was stupid daft prick…but he never justified himself on that.I wish he had died of a heartbreak. Not like this. Not like this.

“…its better to burn out than to fade away…..”………Kurt D.Cobain

Jack XXX


DeePDiveR said...

Wow! Tan hoye jachhe shob!!

debanuj said...

@ goru...

yes!he died a sad death!

coffee stain said...

he lives to fight another gay... i mean day....