Monday, October 09, 2006

B U R P !!!!!

1 pm.
I was gorging on my lunch.Two eggs and 3 parathas.That was it! The guy in front of me was having 2 chicken pieces, with rice and dal and 3 parathas,one egg and weird looking pickles.Oh,and a gulab jamun too.
I didn’t have money that day. I really wanted to have those chicken pieces . I heard it calling out to me.

“Please eat me”

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…………….I sumhow felt I couldn’t deny the chicken the feel of my saliva!

It looked so much temptous. Ive never had a chicken call out to me.Not even in my wildest of wildest dreams.But today I kept staring at the 2 odd pieces of fleshy spicely cooked meat while the guy blabbered about internet protocols and I made a blatant attempt of listening to every word he said .My brain was conjuring up evil ways of getting hold of at least one of those fleshy chunks of meat ..if not two.

Plan 1:I cud complain that I have an ankle sprain and wud ask him to get me a glass of water.And then wud quietly swipe away one of the pieces.And I wud tell him that one of his friends had come along and had eaten it.

Plan 2: I cud just forcibly take the chicken from his plate and just run for my life,never to return to the damned place!

Plan 3:I could stick my fork into his eyes and then gobble up the chicken and wud later apologize my saying it was my alter Jack who actually did that heinous deed..( thanks Jack!)

Plan 4: I secretly hoped Zeus wud make the sky…errr…ceiling ..fall on him…and in that commotion ..i wud have my secret horny date with the masala-red juicy fleshy chunk!!!

Plan 5:………………………Backup plan…ummmm…errrrr………!!!!!

I saw him eyeing my egg curry( which was red in color ,incidentally..but really sucked)..and then he asked me …

“ Can I taste a bit of that ?”

“Sure,go ahead”

He dipped his paratha piece into the red curry and put it in. And I had been waiting for this moment for ETERNITY.

Cooly I went over to his plate …took the chicken piece which I fancied most…..and started eating it…
I didn’t look up.There was ‘that’ momentary silence. I think he was struck with disbelief. Just then I broke the ice.

“ So which internet protocol, did u say, they use????”


beloved_witch said...

GODDDDDD....!! u are incorridgible!! hangla idiotboy!!
(and must u blog abt food all the time???????)
hope tht chicken gives u pet kharap!

DeePDiveR said...

chele boro hoye geche!!

DeePDiveR said...

Posted dude! kintu bhalo na....lekhar time i koi....tar upor ki likhbo bhabar to nei!

DeePDiveR said...

i wasnt sitting on the ladies seat...was just standing in front of it..."drunk" na re....thats gone the day u left cal :(

ripz said...

loved it!!

debanuj said...

@gini!!!......thts wht is left of my ahem ahem ahem!!!....

@goru ..... u seem so guilty concious when u justify ur actions....hehehe..and me too dying to drink with u guys man...!!

@ripz ...thank ya...!!!....and "chi chun chan" <--that was a real bad attempt of me tryin to speak chinese sure u'll teach me once u get to know the full language....:)

DeePDiveR said...

You have to complete the tag.....its by default!!