Sunday, October 08, 2006

stamina sticks!!!!

I really felt drunk and happy.
Ive rarely been drunk and happy.I generally get all soggy and somhow regret for what ive missed in life.But this day was different.I really felt happy.For someone.For many others too.And for me.
I zigzagilly walked.I did not even try and control myself.I shouted at random people and then laughed about it.People really thought I was drunk( which I was!)…or crazy( which I am!).
I thought about all the times I got stoned on weed .He called them the stamina sticks.God!...I miss smoking shit with that fat asshole. An asshole named Rishi. But the best asshole Ive met! …..
I looked at myself in the mirror ….somehow ..out of all the some one-million-something songs ive heard…..i started (or tried) to sing Emimen’s “ Lose Yourself”…….I generally never listen to it…but today was different.
I feel like cursing all the blibaaboo’s in my life and wish they were just pencil marks which I cud just rub then off with an eraser whenever I want…………..and I love the l’il woodlee-doo ive made..its the first of its kind……and I wanna dance like Vivek Oberoi in Omkara’s Beedi song…..but im too matured,i guess!
I’m missing my college days a bit too much.But that’s what ‘they’ call L-I-F-E…..

( who??? seriously….fucken who??)


ripz said... was so much easier then

beloved_witch said...

heh u were sooo sloshed!! seriously...beedi?? you couldnt!! :P

debanuj said...

I sooooo badly miss college!!!REALLY!!!....SMIT was soooo fun

@ gini
I really wanted to dance to the beedi song!....its beeeeeeeeen a while since i actually danced like that..its tooo freee......and YES i was sloshed!