Saturday, November 25, 2006

Crib crib crib and ohhh crib again!

Im not too much happy nowadays.I dunno why. Its probably a moodswing and I do hope it’ll pass.But I was so much happy some days back for reasons which only my mind can comprehend.I loved the air,the trees,the sun-at-dawn,sun-at-noon,sun-at-twilight.I almost loved everything.Im glad I took some decisions which I had to take.

But now its not even fun to drink.I feel im turning into a compulsive Devdas or some shit while im drinking.Now that’s sad!....And I didn’t even watch the new bond movie or the dhoom 2 flick……grrrrrr!!!!

Ive even provided monetary help to many people.I should have felt good but I didn’t.

Holy fuck the mother of sweet moses, im bloody 22 years old,im turning into a psychotic stoic prick who’d assassinate Gandhi with a chainsaw if he came back to earth again.And im twenty-fuckin-two years old!!!...and I hate it cuz I pant while playing and ive become too old to dance.

These days im talking a lot to myself. It feels real great to imagine situations.Future ones,of course.And then probably look into the mirror and imagine and talk about it.Yes!I even imagine me conversing with the people I know.Thats become my pastime whenever im bored.And its also really great to talk to animals sometimes.I feel,they r the only ones who actually understand my weirdness towards everyone else.

I hate growing-up.I thought I had a pact with time,but I got ditched badly.Some months back people actually told me hows 17-ish I look. But kaching ! they say yes,I do look bloody 22.I really hate growing-up, not that I had a great childhood and a crazy adolescence …… but sometimes being all grey scares me.Especially when I know im about to die very VERY soon……..

OK. I have this weird haircut and Im not sure if I like it or hate it! Cuz im as bald as an eagle and I wanna eat ostrich egg omlette!! I also wanna dig a hole in my backyard and hide all my childhood treasures. But hmpfh…I aint at home!



beloved_witch said...

hee hee...ur SUCH a kid!!

debanuj said...

kid???????????????????? bloody 22 years....and it sucks!!!!!!!!