Sunday, November 26, 2006

"Whether u r a cop or a front of a loaded does that matter...."


"In not the product of the environment around me....the environment around me is the product"

If there was one thing martin sorcesse excluded from the movie …that was the heroic and extra-dramatic death of all the protagonists in the movie. In one word… A-W-E-S-O-M-E.
Jack Nicolson was at his best,as always though.LiCap carried on his successful angry young bad man look .Matt Damon was in his most unexpected role ever.And Mark Wahlberg was so tooo good…!!!....
It’s a weird movie.But then isstoogood!

(Note: advisory warning: Excessive usage of the 4-letter word and stunning obscene livid dialogues which makes the movie so Boston-ish and really worth the bloody money)


Anonymous said...

Exactly!! you're so's awesome//Leo's really an underrated actor..others lived up to the expectation!
btw, had recommended this movie to one of my female colleagues and she was cribbing about the movie all along!!!!nxt time i'll recommend her some mushy romantic movies..;)

beloved_witch said...

i wanna see Departed...i wanna i wanna...*throwing a tantrum*
but its gone..over..finished...done with!
*redoubling tantrum*

debanuj said...

lol....u shud recommend her legally blonde or smthing...hehehe...i LOOOOWED departed!!!!

awwwwww....sigh!...but u shud really see it,its soooo ur type-of-movie :P...i almost missed it too...but was lucky enough to catch it....