Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blank Planet

Its 2.14 am.
I wake,I sleep.
It sounds cliched but I am suffering from a certain regular bout of insomnia.I mean,I cant really help the fact that I have to work in graveyard shifts earning that extra bit of moolah.I mean,it really is supposed to disrupt my cycle system.I guess,thats why companies actually lure us to work in the nights,with all the money,of course.Turn us into zombies.Yeh,the living dead.
So,we have this zombie company,which turns humans into zombies,who in turn work for the humans.Its a process to keep the population bomb in control.
o-kay.Damn you,Prez L,I really thought slavery was better.
So,yeh,insomnia.Yes,I wake up in the middle of the morning,when white collar employees rush off to work....which is technically midnight for me.Its a bit complicated.So I wake up.I blink.I wonder why Im sitting on my bed.I blink more.I drink some water.I blink blink blink.And I doze off in my upright sitting position.Just like a horse.
Last weekend,I woke up to find myself sleeping at the base of my staircase.But thats another story called sleepwalking.


AnnaChronism said...

fuck u sleepwalk ? :( oww

i cant seem to rid myself of my sleep related issues either. As in my body will not let me sleep till past 5am. And when im done with a day of sleeplessness + major work, ill crash out at the right time for a 12 hour snooze.. weird.

Random Doodler said...

shit...i know i shouldnt laugh, but its funny. Ok, i'm the insomnia expert. Work out, have a warm bath, drink milk, count sheep and keep your mind blank. Alternatively, get stoned.
Sleepwalking is weird. One of the first signs of insanity. I started sleepwalking when i was six.

coffee stain said...

i partially agree with gin
but but...sleep walkin... so what else in new.... remem in college ... i said.... you crazy mofo you talk and solve maths and walk in your sleep.... (point fingers also)
rum man.... if you can take it.. a good peg o rum with warm water.... or the dry way... which ever... mot kotha nesha korte hobe....

Anonymous said...

sleepwalking is scary and since most others have given u advice for insomnia, i will jst offer u hope. ;) there are ppl worse off. http://www.news.com.au/technology/story/0,28348,24802639-5014239,00.html
read that to know wat i mean!

Anonymous said...

imagine u blink!!! besh bunny bunny byapaar :P

and insomnia strikes a lot of people these days...including my classmates

solo said...

"if you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?"

thik dhorechi... na!?