Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bloody place,man.I tellye,its a fuckin shithole.
Maybe,it was the company I kept.And the crowd,the girls,the booze,the pot,the nightlife,pubs,joints.But all that filly about too much of course had been leading to the waning interest in the city,until it actually reaches the fine line separating insanity.Office,of course,is a bit different.I thought I was cool as long as the cutter stash kept filling in.The keyboards going clat clat clat clatter,boss going a bit goo goo in his head 'cuz of the recession in the whoring country.Feck,things have quite changed around here.
But everything's all not bad.I feel like quite a gollum hiding me stash of pot from me friends who smoke up for free.My precious ,my precious.He wasnt all that wrong.


coffee stain said...

sigh... very nostalgic that.
now you know how i feel.... punk

i got boo boo on finga :(

solo said...

i see jack's smirking revenge!!! :P

OilPastel said...

these are things you must share.
You must you must i say.

Anonymous said...