Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Its dark.Its cloudy.Gloomy.Its a weather I probably like.
Lots of things needed to be sorted out.When you feel like a peanut,ready to be gobbled up by this magnanimous world we live are probably making a mistake somewhere.A few days back,I took a long walk in the felt good,not the 'being cleaned of sins' good bullshit.But good in generally. Somewhere the selfish existence felt trivial enough.
Somewhere down the line,I'll remember all of this.
Last day,the evil egg wanted to kill himself with a shotgun,instead he shot the ol' granma' across the street.Then he slept for 10 hours.


coffee stain said...

across the street,heh
we need to be more accurate over long distances man, long distances.

Anjan said...

10 hrs was too short for the evil egg!! "10 days" would hav been a better phrase! :P

little boxes said...

evil egg belongs in prison.

OilPastel said...

evil egg is wayyyy ahead of us man.
live and learn.
or go to sleep.
i cant help it. Im commenting neurotically on your blog.