Saturday, March 07, 2009

On a new low

I'm selfish.
I'm little,funny and ugly.
I cant drive a bike.And I cant cook.
I'm boring and suicidal.
I'm the worst little thing that has happened in my life.


coffee stain said...

ole baba le
been there and got done (if you know what i mean) you are at realization... take the next right at self pity.... i'll be stuck at the red light on the : "what the fuck happened to your life" avenue!
tui bara follow e kore geli!
bhak laora

dreamy said...


shob thik hoye jabe :)

no tension!

Poojo C. said...

ja saala... giye tiktiki chude aaye!!

:D I really like saying this!

madhurima said...

hehe! so u did post it!

OilPastel said...