Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Standoff

Moo wipes the sweat off his face and puts his hand down on the holtster.He looked to his left,The Egg gruntingly went into an assaultive pose.On his right,The Darth Vader looked on,unabated.His dark cape fluttering in the wind.With the sun beating down mercilesslessly and the cries of the eagle,circling above,it was a perfect setting for a mexican standoff.

The Egg:Why are we here?Why are we fighting?
Vader(to Moo): Luke,I'm your father.
Moo:huh?? Whoa!No way!!Vader,fuck off.

In the middle,there was a barren tree with just a single leaf,clinging on to one of the branches.The wind blew.The leaf shook hard.Fingers tightened on the triggers.Eyeballs staring into each other and the feeling of the hot wind on the neck,the moment just froze.And then the leaf fell.

Bang Bang!

As the two bodies writhed in pain,a third figure came up to them.
The Egg:Damn you,ohh my yellow blood!!! I'm so scrambled!!!
As Moo lay there,the figure of the Vader put him in shade.Vader took out his light saber,looked at Moo in the green light and said.


AnnaChronism said...

HHAHAHAHHAHA hilarious ! :D

Write a book on this.. better still make it a graphic novel ! Yellow blood... join us or die.. heh how about join us or "scramble" ?

coffee stain said...

diabolical man :D
hee haw

Anonymous said...
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Santanu....... said...

yeah......i like the gore!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

is there a sequel comin??

Pinot Noir said...

ohh gawd stan lee....i am eagerly waiting for what follows next!

dreamy said...

yellow blood ? :O